MJ – Is He Resting In Peace?

June 25, ’09, the King of Pop bid adieu to the world.

I’m going to skip all the drama because well, I’m sure you’ve come across a billion and more articles and videos and people talking about his death and I don’t want to bore you with the usual stuff. So here goes, is he actually dead and resting in peace? Or do you dare to differ where your opinion is concerned?

Michael Jackson, renowned for a large number of things, ranging from his musical style, the moonwalk, deeming as an icon of peace for the planet. And his negative publicity would include the large number of allegations against him for paedophilia, bad marriages, child abuse and what not. Of course, being as famous has its pros and cons.

I woke up on the 25th day of June to my mother inquisitively eye-ing her facebook news feed, “He’s no more?!” she screened the status updates on the window that all read wishes and luck for – “MJ. May his soul rest in peace.” My first reaction of course? Can I have a few more minutes’ of sleep please, mother?! But then, as I went about my day, I couldn’t help but wonder why the world around me had turned upside down. I mean, of course, I go to school with materialistic dumb chicks all around me who wouldn’t turn to look unless someone’d just bought a new Prada backpack or manicured their nails in Paris, but people who I actually cared about and spoke to, were all dumbfounded.

I turned on the news, and “Drug Overdose” flashed in big bold red, everywhere. There were people crying and lighting candles, and basically just tearing apart. It seemed like a small part of everyone had died and had been liberated alongwith MJ’s soul, into the blue.

Yet, the question remains. Was he such a grand part of some two billion lives everywhere, to have been able to leave such an impact? Then why was it that we mocked him and made fun of him and branded him with titles, so ghastly ?

But there still remained a small fraction of people who were, well left curious. And as we sat thinking, it ocurred to us how great and impact he had left on the world. I don’t know what else to say, but simply that it didn’t really matter to me that much. I mean, when Heath Ledger died, I was on the verge of shedding those extraordinary water-drops.

Nonetheless, I knew people to who this mattered alot. And they refused to believe that he was dead. Just like I’d refused to believe that Albus Dumbledore was no more. But the truth, is the truth. However false it may be.

Many say that he’s just gone into hiding, because he had an enormous amount of debt to repay. But a man of great stature like him? I didn’t even know Black or White or even Thriller existed till some six years ago. Don’t mistake me to be ignorant, we just have our own choices. We were all taught Heal The World and its implications in the third grade, yet John Lennon somehow always stood by me as my icon, clad in white. Forgive me, but I don’t mean to be rude.

Some websites say that he died in 2003, and that his decaying body was found somewhere, rotting. People think it was all a scam, a mere publicity stunt. No way, I beg to differ. Why be so harsh on a man who simply provided rumoured gossip to the world when they needed some kind of a sensation? Isn’t that something we all aim at anyway? Today, I’m bored, so why don’t I release a rumour about Paris Hilton making out with her own chihuahua Tinkerbell on Rodeo Drive?

But isn’t that wrong? And isn’t not doing wrong something MJ taught us with all the requests to ensure harmony in this unceremonious world? I thought you worshipped him so much, so today when it’s time to give back to him, you’ll cheat, lie and steal?

And you think he’s somewhere out there, his soul resting in peace? He might’ve gone into hiding, who knows what humans are capable of. But does it even matter? Maybe, he is watching his own obituary on some local daily and chuckling away to himself. But you and I? Are under the impression that he’s gone. And just when it’s your turn to give back to the world and “heal” it, you’ll probably just feel sentiment for a few moments and be back to a zippy mood the next morning.

You tell me. What do you *want* to do ? After all, weren’t you the one so madly in love with the culture he introduced your life to?

x EdgyShark x


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  1. You’re good at sarcasm, yes, but you’re a lot more better at provoking thoughts and emotions and everything sentimental.

    Loved it. Looking forward to more such gems from The Edgy Shark.

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