The Era of Impending Doom

All around you, especially in your classrooms and schools, there’ll be posters and placards with small size doodles of taps and fans saying “Switch off the lights and fans, conserve water..”And then, there’ll be you, not even paying attention to whatever the colorful piece of paper stuck on the softboard says. Even if it was you who made it and thumb-tacked it there.

As much as one tries, no one listens. “What’s the point if I harvest a bucket of rainwater today,” you must be thinking. You’re right. There is no point.

The Earth is dying. And we’re watching it die.

Hold on, no, I think I may be wrong there. It’s the earth that’s been surviving (somehow, now) for the last how many billion years, whereas its us, humans, who’s life expectancy to the most can range to about 90+ years. So, what’s the point in even us living that long, right ?

I came across a poster today, a very simple green one like many others, that screamed rather obscene, but honest phrases. And that’s what this is based on.

“The planet is fine. The people are f*****!”

Whoever made that, sure struck the right chord. And as I scrolled down, I realised that it was the true-est thing ever said. “Compared with the people, the planet is doin’ great. It’s been here over four billion years… The planet isn’t going anywhere, *WE* are! We’re goin’ away!”

Think about it. What harm is the Earth doing, exactly? Let’s start from when scientific research states that man is believed to have originated in Africa. Also, at that time, there existed a single super continent called Pangea. I’m not going into heavy technicality, instead, all I’m saying is that if you recall, we weren’t asked to split up the world.

Continents arose out of natural causes and calamities. People got divided. The evolution of man alongwith the theory of mutation forced color to form a vital part of the skin. As a result, ego began developing. But all at the cost of the world. Because as far as I can remember, the Earth didn’t *ask* us to throw bombs at each other and conquer each other’s territories. Riches and rags separated the classes as domination and power became widely accepted norms.

People tried to spread peace, but who listens unless you aim a gun at them? And to think, we call ourselves civilized and mature.

Moving gradually into the 21st century, haphazard reports about the breaking layer of Ozone and penetrating ultraviolet rays shook the minds of only those who could understand its implications. The rest of us were too busy watching Superbowl commercials and/or VH1.

And now, the Earth is probably going to expire in 2050. So buy that iPhone that you always wanted to, get the new e-book reader and those sexy Blahniks because the Big Bang Theory just might backfire in a few years. And it’ll all be because of us. Not the Earth.

Oh, but it’s merely human nature to go on blurting the blame on someone else, right? In this case, the Earth is probably screaming out “Go ON! Cut down all the trees you can, I wanna watch you choke on receding amounts of oxygen! Spew the air with all the smoke your factory chimneys can offer me! Dump all the toxic wastes that you can into the water I possess! Kill all the animals and birds, because it’s fun to hunt, right?!”

Oh yeah. The Earth probably *wants* us to die.

And why wouldn’t it? If I came over to your beautiful beach house and wrecked it, not once, not twice, but every single day, would you still invite me, the next month with a lovely plate of blueberry muffins?!

What *are* we doing here!? Forget trying to implement all kinds of Save The Earth programs. Don’t you think we all ought to first sit down and make up our minds as to what it is exactly that our mindset should look towards?

If you think you’ve achieved nirvana as far as the protecting the environment is concerned, then why are you still sitting at home and biting your nails? Are you afraid, that you think it’s only you who understands? Go out there and tell three more people! When you watched the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna court case on E!, you quickly tweeted your entire friend list and discusses something that’s not even your problem for days on end. And now, when you can actually do something to save the ailing planet, you just feel like all your self-confidence has been swept away?

Just start off by segregating your trash into plastics, paper, organic and inorganic wastes, and saving water and electricity in your own little ways! Turn off the ignition when you’re stuck in a jam. Use the air conditioner lesser, it releases CFC’s! Don’t complain about the weather being hot and humid, it’s going to become worse the more you use your air conditioners! Refuse to use plastics, pick up the trash!

Just talking about such implications helps in its own little ways. Plant a seed every week. That tree’s going to help you, give you shade, food, provide shelter to animals. Don’t cut it down! Stand up for what you believe in..

What else you got? What else do you think can help? Leave your thoughts, discuss it with your friends and here. Go ahead, storm. And prove them wrong:

  • There’s so much pollution in the air now that if it weren’t for our lungs there’d be no place to put it all.
    -Robert Orben
  • Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.
    -Henry David Thoreau

x EdgyShark x


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  1. I think we’ve had enough of “What we can do”s, It’s time we hear some “What we have done”s

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