Into The Abyss

Say, you’ve known someone a long time. In your dictionary, that could constitute a couple of weeks, months, it’s your appraisal. And just when you least expected it, the inevitable takes place, right there at your threshold and you can do nothing to save yourself from the affliction.

Nevertheless, what happens to all of that familiarity and knowledge that you had gathered from all those never-ending conversations at twilight and all the moments you’d spent putting thought into little actions?

Where do you shelve all that information you accumulated, now that they’re no more a dominant part of your life, now that you’ve realised you need to take time out for other things?

Not that I have a lot of experience where this is concerned. I’ve had people close to me that I’d thought would never break away, but they always say “People always leave,” and you can’t force someone to stay back in your life. Whenever you encounter such companions, your mind instantly shoots long time intentions even if you’re not *that kind*, and as you get to know the person, the newfangled aura and excitement automatically weaves your world around theirs.

As time gradually descends upon you, reality begins to distort in at least 8.5 cases out of 10. Most of the time, your ‘phase’ begins to dissipate into the inconsequential realms of your cosmos and that is the horizon where fantasy meets facts of existence.

Answer yourself. Was it a passing juncture, now absolute, or were you holding on to it so dearly that it just had to free itself ?

How do you absolve yourself from the pathos, from all that pain? And to think of it, they’d always promised to stand by you no matter what, and do anything but cause unsurpassable amounts of harm.

So where have the commitments disappeared today, when you need them the most? Worse, the feeling that delves in when you don’t want it to, is that feeling of ruthlessness. When you don’t know what to think about apart from that one sphere that used to form a supreme part of your life.

Isn’t that what closure is all about? Then why do people use the word so causally when as a matter of fact, it’s usage should be anything, but callous?

What do you know about creating an occlusion of your little universe to shield yourself from that one being with whom once all you’d wanted, was everything? What is to be done in actuality? Are we just expected to move on with time, because yes, time does heal everything. But is that because you’ve really managed to attain a sense of self-calm, or is it that time makes you busy with your daily on goings, and eventually things crop up and cram your lifestyle?

x EdgyShark x


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Posted on July 20, 2009, in Argue It and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Itdoesntmatter

    Strong. People leave only so that they can return.

  2. Very Very well put. And it’s amazing how well it connects with the readers. A well proportioned amalgamation of accuracy, emotions, slight histrionics and the. truth.
    Made a great read. Hoping for more from you,Mademoiselle. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  3. Saintly Devilish

    I think this blogpost would touch every person at some point or other.. I’m really impressed.

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