Three-Dollar Bills

In case you’re wondering whether this is a rant about the current situation of the economy, stop. (Although I could write about that later, but that would be a whole new different allegory.)

This, is about the oddities that I encounter daily. Five main queer creatures from high school. Maybe, I’m just being too harsh by referring to them as the weirdos, because in reality, I am the one who’s ‘known’ for being a freak. So yeah, whatever it is, I’m glad they’re the ones who conduct our classes and I’m so glad that above everything that they are, they’re not like the lunatics who taught me up till the tenth grade.

Accountancy and Entrepreneurship:
She’s the size two version of Nicole Scherzinger. That’s what the KappaXeta’s think, anyway. I haven’t observed her that closely, but she’s a heck load of fun. She’ll walk in with that smile plastered on her face, take attendance and everything, and well, be nice. Right, she’s the epitome of being amiable and responsible. Also, she has a thing for a certain Mr.X. Now, I have no inkling whatsoever of his whereabouts, but she must be missing him dearly because not one class goes by without his mention.

Business Studies:

This woman drones on and on about trade and warehousing and insurance, laying special emphasis on the alphabet’ssss’ at the end of a word, e’ss’pecially if it’s in plural. And on the day that you yourself are exhausted and don’t feel like attending class, it all sounds like a dying lament struggling to liberate itself through the glass windows of the classroom. Dressed very simply, with her pepper coloured hair flopping on that one wart on her forehead, she scrutinizes everything through her tiny, beady eyes that seem to have a certain twinkle in them. But then again that could just be the light bouncing off her rectangular, silver coloured half-rimmed frames.
Her quirkiness isn’t that evident, professionally, but she seems like the kind who in her early years would have loved to down a bottle or two of mead and just sit by the rocks and get captivated by the breeze. Then again it’s not that tough a task to picture her clad in a leather jacket racing along with the speed of wind, one hand on the handle of her bike, the other clutched tightly around her vodka candy.

This is weird, sure. For me to imagine such eccentricities and convert simple, sophisticated women into wild hazards of nature. But I like her. She insinuates a very friendly aura. And I got a 92 on my B.S paper, so I’m not complaining. Entertaining and pleasant 🙂

Is a subject that captures my interest a little too much. And the teacher, here, well. Today, when I looked at her closely for research for this particular blog post, I noticed she looks a LOT like a Care Bear! She’s got that rounded face with faint color in her cheeks, along with that genuine smile. Nothing too funky though, however she does have her own postulates and sentiments on the whole ball of wax. Arguments form a supreme part of her personality. And if I go deep about her sense organs, well, they need a quick check-up at the doctor’s. I think she’s deaf, because the other day a cellphone screamed Maroon 5’s Wake Up Call and she was standing right next to it and didn’t notice. Which means that there must be something going on with her taste buds as well, because uhm, as far as I remember my anatomy of the human body, the mouth and the ear (and the nose, as well,) are connected.

My first impression of this particular class was that well, it would be one of my favourites. And the teacher, turned out to be the perfect example of a vulture. Cold, harsh, awesomely pretty with sharp features and radiating a very purple feel. With time and acquaintance, the both of us have begun to share a mutual liking for each other, well within the confines of our professional alliance.Very poised and sophisticated, she follows the principle of “You mess (certain words have been replaced with ‘mess’ *ahem*) with me, and I mess with you twice as harder,” and that is why I like her, because yeah, Donald Trump taught me to follow that approach and it has been my mantra for a long time, unless I’m too bored to ‘mess’ and just drop the matter.

Informatics Practices:
I have no idea what to write about this particular teacher, except for a fact that she tries and tries very hard to teach the boisterous class something, but no one listens because everyone’s busy on facebook and/or other social networking sites doing something or the other. Including me; updating my status during IP has become more like a convention of some sort. However, she will still continue filling that whiteboard up with commands and java scripts and explain them five times each before it passes through the thick skulls of some of the ‘lame excuses for idiots’ that have unfortunately made a manifestation in the batch.
And I myself always end up comprehensively screwing up my databse on MySQL Command Line Client or whatever the hell that is, so I’m not going to comment further.

That’s right. This is what I have to go through everyday. And I don’t mind, because it is absurdly entertaining. *grins*

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Well…I read it!

  2. Saintly Devilish

    Good one, if only my school days were as interesting !

  3. I dearly wish they were as interesting as you make them sound. Anyway, I’d rather pick my own assortment of teachers.

  4. I don’t think naming them in public is advisable. But whoever they are, I don’t think I’ll be able to edge them that way! 😉

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