The Pauper In The Princely State

During economics today, while Mrs. R opened the discussion to the class, regarding poverty and how especially it’s affecting our economy, my thinking cells, once again, went aflutter.

Bihar, believe you me, is one of the states in the country which is extremely rich in terms of natural resources. If only it would have been developed today, it would be giving states like Maharashtra and Gujarat a tough fight. Alas, that is its only strong point. But what use it is if I keep talking about going to the moon and never do anyway?

Bihar has slipped into a quagmire of poverty. And all because of its poor governance and  administration, law-lessness and lack of opportunities. Lets not even get into the literacy rates and education levels. Because there isn’t really anything in that sphere to talk about and be proud of.

And we still love our politicians and worship them better than any other God, being the superstitious, religious beings that we are. Of course, not we, but more than 3/4ths of the country that forms a majority of the rurality that persists. Because these men, as we speak, are busy using up the money that was allotted for the betterment of the society, for their own ‘wants’.

“Who cares if the children in the state don’t have the means to any form of education? We should be having an air conditioned car to travel to malls to.”

And obviously if they don’t take the initiative, since we’ve “chosen” them, who will? No one’s ready to change their social outlook towards things. And that’s a major reason why caste barriers still exist even in today’s day and age. Who cares if that other guy’s not being allowed to enter an institution? My only contention is that I should be able to. Thank God, I wasn’t born into a low caste family. Oh yeah, because that guy personally requested God to be given birth there.

The benefits of development, if given a chance, could prove to be excellent. But who’s ready to take up that risk? Today, agriculture could show Bihar new and improved levels of greatness, like in Punjab. The farmers there accepted the means to use modern inputs of technology and seeds and fertilizers and what not. The government took a calculated risk. But who’s willing to do that here?

And it’s the 21st century well into advancement for heaven’s sake. Why can’t some aspiring twenty year old be given the advantage to administer the state for a week and show them how fast our minds work and what good we can actually do?

They’re going to rot and decay because of famines and droughts and perpetuated poverty and no one’s going to batter an eyelid. They’re going to continute being inefficient, and no one’s going to care. Something’s got to be done! We can’t after all just continue reading about these growing levels of vulnerability, loss of ownership of assets, financial instability and low levels of income in pie charts showing us the economic growth levels of the country. And what growth level is there, if after all, all of this constitutes about more than 5/6th of the ever-growing population? Why is it that the government’s focus is only on the already developed regions of the country? Have they opened their eyes and noticed the amount of unbalanced area development?

No means for anything, and we hope to watch our country make steady progress from developing to developed? Interesting.

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  1. You know what? When India is finally fit to be called “developed” some 10 years down the line, it still will be known a “developing” country because the definition of developed will have changed.

    • Yeah, I agree to that. It is indeed a vicious cycle of development. And they say India’s soon going to be a ruling superpower.

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