Sleep conquered me last night (early this morning,) somewhere around the stillness of 3am. And before that, I watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy twice, ate all kinds of junk food that mostly included heaps of banana chips, body-tattooed myself in all kinds of places possible, and tried applying blue eye make up.

Which, by the way, really made my eyes burn when I was awoken with a start at 7 something am, by the “Snape-Snape-Severus Snape-DUMBLEDORE!” ringtone buzzing furiously and my cellphone screen flashed “Le Pere calling.” I almost didn’t pick up because :

  • It wasn’t an earthly (alienly, since I’m a hep alien) hour to call people and
  • I figured he’d just be calling to ask me a question on accountancy or something, which I’d just fumble with anyway, or to tell me something mind-boggling about somthing that was on the news.

That was that. And then I didn’t feel like going back to sleep. However, I took a shower, and here I am munching cucumbers and playing David Archuleta’s Crush on the guitar, with tickets to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on the bedside table.

I am such a hypocrite. How could I be contradicting my own principles?! Blasphemous.

Then again, it wasn’t my choice. *shrugs*

x EdgyShark x


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