Wet Criticism

I was probably way into the whole Erin Silver mode when I made snide remarks about the sixth Harry Potter movie. And there’s no use denying how irrevocably in love I was with the “Chosen One,” because it is true that I spent about six hours of my mortality making an attractive card to be shipped to London. And I never received a reply. That’s probably the day I died a little inside, but I’m doing okay now.

I’m not going to apologize or regret, merely state that I was indeed a little drunk or kicked in the head the other day when I watched the movie for the first time.

The other evening, of course, I was being immature by misconstruing every single dialogue between the headmaster and the aspiring auror. And I was probably too bent and excited about having something to write for, on the blog. Not that that means that everything here sucks. No, WAIT! Fellow Sharkians, don’t goooo!

I watched the movie with rapt attention this morning and really got to the deep meaning of things. It was shot well, directed well, and had a good screenplay. It was beautifully made, once you get into the whole scheme of things. The way people united in their own little ways, the way ‘love’ really did play a huge part in bringing them together, and just the way everything was portrayed.

I particularly found the last scene amazing. From the Caves to Fawkes. I loved the emotion that was struggling to come out of all the characters in the Astronomy Tower at the time of the ‘planned pleading.’

The movie, evoked in me, feeling.

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  1. You know, I’m still saying that the movie was fine.

  2. Is that sarcasm?

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