I feel wet and tired. And I feel like it’s been a long day, but it hasn’t, really. Also, I still have ounces of energy in me that I can use constructively or whatever, but I don’t feel like.

I feel like a cat that got wet and is waiting for someone to dry her out. Yeah, I feel *that* disgusted. I don’t even know *why* I feel that disgusted.

Stupid monday. I haven’t eaten anything today except milk, two cucumbers and a teeny tiny bowl of mexican rice, yet I don’t feel like eating. Double accounts classes, first thing in the morning, and then another round of accountancy in the evening even though I didn’t feel like. I didn’t have much of a choice.

Heavy jamming with the band. Practiced System of a Down’s Toxicity and Chal Diye for so long, and pretty okay-ly, that even Serj and Jabran would be proud. And what did we get at the end of it? HEAVY criticism, because the freak of a manager or whatever the hell she is, felt like it.

Which lunatic says “Stop that noise pollution!!” *while making a VERY screwed up countenance* to a very better-than-decently played SOAD song?! But people just feel things at times.

Whatever. It’s been a wet and exhausting and annoying and knee-paining day.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Pesh! Don’t worry. People are just.. well, people. Keep it coming! 🙂

  2. Eh, I guess the person was feeling wet and tired to. You sounded nice only.

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