The Dionysian Debacle

I’m aware 90210’s somewhere got that name.

I need right now, some wine (or maybe that’s just too obnoxious, and in that case cranberry juice .. uhh, no.. a long island iced tea or something,) and my own loft/penthouse-ish place.

And I need to drown in Enigma. In case you’re wondering whether I’ve joined forces with the dark side, it’s not the drugs, it’s the music. Lovely, flowy music. (And the dark side merely consists of double choco chip cookies, Angular Momentums and Breitlings like Syd. It’s just sinister when you’re talking about it. Otherwise, it’s like my man Friday thing.)

Also, I began the Percy Jackson series last night. As fifth grade as it sounds, it’s really helping me catch up on my Roman Gods. And there’s ALWAYS room for more information/knowledge. And Dionysus, Zeus’ son, is just sexy. You know, the way he’s described and all. Wine, and hotness and everything.

Death Cab is back in full force. And so’s my drumming. This is what I wanted to tell that woman (mentioned in Numbness:

“Good morning freak woman/band manager lady, I just wanted to tell you that I’m sick of being a part of Spaces Limited because well, it’s more like a commercial unit and nothing else, also I miss Mrs. Biswas, who basically was the definition of an excellence seeker. Also, I’m simply sticking around to not play the drums for you and get nothing but smack criticism, but to prove things to myself. And I’ve come a far way.”

Oh yes, Toxicity’s amazing.

x EdgyShark x


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