Viva Las Gay-gas

As I entered the familiar gates of the boy’s section of Birla High, I felt a light tingle that today could just about turn out to be a fun day.

And it did.

Right from the screaming and cheering during the various events, getting lost in the corridors and teasing the guys about being gay with each other, which some of them actually were, to meeting Vora (finally!), wasting time with Sunayan, Anisha, Neha and Pratik, and then finally bugging the hell out of Arpit and Meghdut, ’twas pretty good.

However, being in the boys’ school corridors was part of one of my worst nightmares. Don’t even ask, but if you are a girl, you’ll understand why the smell of fresh meadows pleases you. I guess guys don’t have smelling powers. Eww, I just wanted to run out and get some fresh air. There’r just TOO many guys around you. Although the ambience is relaxed and the teachers aren’t mental like the ones we have. They’ll see one girl with a guy and make an unnecessarily huge deal.

And Ms. Nain’s got to stop having fun with the announcement speakers. I mean, every half an hour she’ll just want to be on the mic and wherever you are, her splendid baritone (Which by the way, Ms. Bose’s better at!) will boom throughout the campus. “Coordinators please see to it that discipline is maintained, there’s far too much noise above my block.” “Teachers please report blah blah.” “Someone please get me a hotdog.”

Alright, she didn’t say that last thing, but she might as well have.

Here are some pictures to prove/justify the title of this blog post. Also, a video after that, showing the love Meghdut and Arpit have for each other. And it’s not a joke. I’m not even trying to be funny. They’ve been together seven years now. Which is a long time. But they still haven’t been able to convert Sunayan. Lol.


DSC03944 DSC03945

So yeah, that’s that. Also, I forgot to mention, I had my photography competition today, and the judge looked like a splitting image of Carlos (Gabrielle’s husband) from Desperate Housewifes. Not that I watch DH.


All in all, had a very good, gay (HAPPY!) time πŸ˜€

x EdgyShark x

P.S. Sorry folks/fellow Sharkians, the video you’ve all been waiting for is, I’m afraid delayed because my camera’s behaving weirdly and refuses to switch on. I’m all for the apologies and will let you know soon when it’s up! πŸ™‚

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Too many guys everywhere? Try being in a co-ed school, then. Though almost all my guy-classmates spray Playboy perfumes after every Physical Education class. Doesn’t make them anymore, er, droolable (which is not a word!).

    It was frickin’ awesome meeting you too. Looking forward to Sunday, if the meeting’s still on.

    P.S. – In the tug of war, BHS for Boys were cheering for BHS for Girls more than the girls themselves. Talk about loyalty. Impressive πŸ˜€

    • Co-ed’s different. You can’t survive unless you have access to Estee Lauder and Chanel and Hugo and whatever.
      The loyalty’s always been that way. Sometimes it’s more like teasing, but what the hell. Plus guys would give anything to just have to scream anytime. So.

  2. Yes, the “BHS bawaal karega” chant has been done to death.

    • I, to date, have not understood what that means. And the negligible amount of hindi knowledge that I have, isn’t helping either.

  3. Now dats like SO cool…!
    i dont really know how to thank u fr it..!
    but its still a lil humiliating to see myself kissing arpit and shit…
    good job neways Ms. Rita SKeeter(a.k.a BIATCH) πŸ˜‰
    and im waiting desperately fr d video….

  4. Oh and i almost forgot to scold u for not bringing d GAY cause into d open..
    I mean wasnt dat d reason that we went ahead with the idea of helping u out with the interview and all..?!!?!?
    bad girl

  5. Stilldoesn'tmatter

    Forget Sunayan. They have me converted.

  6. The notice board cracked me up.

  7. Yup, I’m NOT gay and will never be…

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