Legen-Wait for it-Dary!

“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.True Story”

Barney (Awesome) Stinson, from How I Met Your Mother, is one of the most impressive and exciting characters to be a part of on screen television dramedies.

His innocence is endearing and his custom made suits (Suit Up!) make him look yummier than the sons of the Prince of Wales.

Barney’s attitude has a one of a kind appeal. He doesn’t really care about anything but his friends, (Robin especially, heh) the number of beers he can down at McLarens’ Pub, his suits, and his state-of-the-art bachelor pad. And he gets these fits once in a while which portray his impulsive, impatient self. Barney is in fact, the epitome of wit and charm.

Nevertheless, it is ironic that Neil Patrick Harris, who plays the role of the womanizing debonair rather remarkably and non-kinkily, is actually gay in reality. And erm, I’m too lazy to double-google-check that. So unless I’m not wrong, that’s what he had indirectly mentioned on Ellen DeGeneres, and that’s what the Birdy told me. He reminds one, while watching, of a hyperactive eleven year old, high on a sugar rush.

Wait no, that’s me.

The posters on the walls of his chamber in Goliath National Bank are truly weirdly inspirational despite being part of harsh/weird realities.

He is also the author of The Bro Code, which is more like his version of the Bible right from the early dawn of ‘man’ civilization. And he dragged Ted Moseby and Marshal Erickson into the whole “You be my wingman and I’ll be yours” thing. Which by the way, is quite interesting to watch.

Barnabus has weird fetishes at times, but given his record for trying to achieve and accomplish everything and anything that crosses his mind, that’s not really something out of the blue. He’ll never sway away from his principles and will always adhere to the Bro Code even if it makes him a hypocrite.

And he’s just so insanely __________(insert synonym for awesome) he makes me jump. With glee, I don’t even know why.

The HIMYM series, although based on Ted Moseby’s life/wife, would have been left as bland as salt-less food had it not been for Barney Stinson. I wonder who writes his dialogues (because that person would obviously be as witty in reality, and would therefore, totally make it to *my* awesome list.)

Rich life, vocabulary, butt (lol), Barney’s got it all AWESOMEly mapped out.

JT didn’t bring sexy back. Barney Stinson did.  😀

x EdgyShark x


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