Thursday, The Thirtieth

Since I didn’t attend school in the past two days (Tuesday: Odyssey Keys, Wednesday: Odyssey Pixel + a hell lot of fun doing some work or the other/ band pratice) my brain wasn’t really feeling upto anything today either.

I had the first period off because well, the others had math, and I have a way with numbers ;). So I spent that period cutting photographs of Stanford and Harvard and Berkely for the outside board. Which is to be put up on Monday, and the topic for my group’s Bizarre Food Habits, because of which I am now more learned after having researched freaks who actually eat hair and skin and their own urine and what not. EWW.

Entrepreneurship after that, which I spent writing my Barney Stinson blog post because I was already done with my question answers for chapters 6 & 7. Recess was spent singing Happy Seventeen to two of my classmates, one of which had a very yum cake.

Which eventually gave me a sugar rush as I just couldn’t fight the temptation. Also, apart from the pieces of cake and milk and cucumber, I haven’t had anything today πŸ˜€

Economics I haven’t attended in a long time, and today I didn’t even want to because I was missing my graph book and my statistics text book and Mrs. R’s a little too strict and particular where that’s concerned. Eco was fifth anyway, before that we had double Accountancy. And lo and behold, Mrs. R walks into the class in the third period itself, feeling good about herself, and Aanchal and I run downstairs to get a release slip to escape the class. Which we didn’t acquire within time.

Nonetheless, I made a very pretty, neat graph. And Mrs. R signed me up for a debate on the 16th of August. πŸ™‚

Mrs. M came in looking really hassled and dictated a register long page of stuff related to Petty Cash Books, and I just got bored copying and left for band practice.

Which, after reaching the music room, we realised that we couldn’t practice because the juniors needed the instruments and equipment for their music competition or something. So the three of us went to the AVR and watched that instead.

There was a lot of jumping into the school elevator, packing/unpacking the guitars, amps etc in between. And we also kind of managed to give the middle school a performance of the songs we’re playing at Odyssey. They were crap because my ‘borrowed’ drumsticks sucked, and the processor magically got unplugged in the middle. So there was just the Toxicity lead and weird drumming going on.

And then the Looney Tunes (the guy teachers who help us out with the music) stayed back and gave us pointers with the vocals and keyboard for Jabran’s hindi song, Chal Diye, which by the way, if you’re reading this, you’ve GOT to listen to.

I laughed like crazy when one of those guys, whose name is also the name of a hot guitarist Oodler was completely in love with, sang the chorus of the song with his weird Bengali/Hindi pronunciations. Even Pritam, the apparently VERY hot drummer, did. And he’s another character. Wait, I’ll do a post on them later. And link this page then.

After they left, we still continued practicing for sometime while the school caretaker guy tried to whoosh us out of the AVR. And I just kept running around with the mic and singing. I thrive. πŸ˜€

Suddenly, Oodler and I smelt smoke and screamed. The adaptor attached to the keyboard caught fire from the inside as the misty white smoke slowly made it’s way out of the tiny box. If only the smoke’d been purple. We’d have probably started singing “Smoke On The Water” if the smell hadn’t begun asphyxiating us.

I remembered then that my dad was supposed to be leaving for Chennai then, so I called him. Spoke to Syd after that. And arranged things for the prom (to be held in September, Venom by the way. For more information, call me: 9903078565, or FB message by clicking here.)

Drove (more like got driven) to Braganza with Oodler and Aanchal to get the guitars fixed and purchase lead wires, plectrums ( I LOVE JimmyD ones!), strings and what not. Went to Southern Avenue after that and realized my mom was wearing my new earrings that have fire on them, hard to explain, I know. So, I screamed and complained. Du-h.

Listened to a good deal of indie and alternative music in the car. That’s like my favorite part about sitting in the car.

Gawd, this is getting stretchy now. And I just consumed a bar of Nestle Milk Chocolate, and am currently anticipating the rush I am about to get. I have to finish with my Accountancy work, have my second round of tuitions tomorrow.

x EdgyShark x

P.S. I *NEED* Rum tea. 😦 my throat hurts and its in no condition to win the hearts and marks of the judges where the vocals are concerned. GIMME RUM TEA!


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  1. This one was boring
    >Don’t fret about it though<

  2. Ei! Enough with your sugary needs. You get back to your diet or go into coma which won’t me much fun, setiously. Hey! Maybe you could do something about that in your next post. πŸ˜€
    Lol, anyway, you have one loyal reader.

  3. ohh…now i get it…sourav goswami right? lol!!!!

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