‘Morning :)

Hello there fellow Sharkians =]

It’ll probably be a great day ahead for all of us.
Anyway, here are a couple of reminders for you:

^ There’s a Social Vibe widget on the side bar of this page and all you have to do is click the “Help Now, it’s free” button to help save the endagered whales. Do it, it’s for a cause. Plus, how could you visit the EdgyShark’s page and not help the whales?!

^ Click your favourite option(s) on the three polls that have been set up as of now!

^ You can now leave the EdgyShark offline messages via meebo (which is also located on the side bar. You don’t have to have a meebo id or login or take any trouble of that sort, just leave IM’s !)

^ There’s also a Platial Map powered by Google, and you can check out anything anywhere in the world on that. All kinds of things, search for entertainment, food, movies (whatever you want!) on the globe.

^ Also, don’t forget to be on the lookout for boxnet.file sharing, where I upload all kinds of videos, music, e-books and what not, for your downloads. If you want a certain e-book or anything, just leave me a message!


x EdgyShark x


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  1. Hi, Always happy to help out a fellow SV member. Saving the whales is a great cause.

    Good luck,

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