Weirdos Hitchhike The Galaxy

“It’s a tough galaxy here. If you wanna survive, you gotta know where your towel is.”

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy is one classy movie. Since I already have a soft spot for whale-ish animals, being the EdgyShark, I liked the way the movie began with the dolphins. And ten minutes into it, I realized I didn’t even need junk food.

It was *That* good. Also, it’s the perfect favourite movie for this blogger. 😀

The dialogues were brilliant. Douglas Adams’ really done a good job with the book too. (Well, yeah, that’s where it all began.)

A few years ago, I’d seen the book lying on the top shelf on of my trips to Oxford, however, I just left it there without scrutinizing it because it was too high for me to reach. *Sheesh* However, I’m glad I went through all that must read books before you die list, because they mentioned it, and it at least gave me a pusher of some sort to watch the movie.

Excellent ways to make you laugh, this movie’s truly a one of a kind. “They can’t think, they can’t imagine, some of them can’t even spell. They just run things.” And you’ll be LOL’ing with me if you know what I’m talking about.

“Either die in the vacuum of space or tell me what you thought of my poem.”

How can you say no to things like that?! Sarcasm at it’s best, the characters embark on the galaxy to find out the answer to The Ultimate Question, which turns out be 42. (Don’t ask me, just watch the movie!)

Do check it out before the Earth gets demolished by oddballs like Zaphod in the quest for the “Answer” and ticket to becoming the ruler of the galaxy.

I give it 4 stars at the very least. *grins* I liked it so much, that I watched it twice in a row, starting 2 am. Watch it, or have your brain smashed by a slice of lemon around a large gold brick.

Yeah, I have no idea what they mean either. Go on, leap to hyperspace already !

x EdgyShark x

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  1. Azhar Ali Khan

    loved the Lemon

  2. The book is on my to read list. I saw the movie a few years ago and I love it. One of my favorite lines/scenes “Do you know how much damage you could do to this bulldozer if I ran you over with it?” “No”. NONE!


  3. I thought the movie was a disaster. The book is an all time favourite. But the movie was just such a bad effort. The radio spots, done originally by Adams, are mindblowing.

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