Mundane Mondays

Before I could even catch a few winks after a little round of Percy Jackson last night, it was time to get up all over again. Aaaah, how I completely detest Mondays. Especially today. You tell me, is 6:30 am anything close to alien?!

Yet, I mustered all the morning strength I possessed, and somehow made it early in time to school to make the outside board. Now, every class gets delegated the duty to base the soft boards on some theme or the other. And August was XI C1, and we split into groups, and made a complete mess. Although, I did all the work I could/was interested in doing. Why should I waste my time listening to other’s broken heart-laments!?

Anyway, accountancy was used up doing the boards. Break, I was here and there. I was pretty off-shoot today, kinda missing the fest fun.

Even though, and this I GOT to mention, last year’s Odyssey was WAAAY better than this year’s. Oh yeah, this year, only fun because I was in the eleventh grade, and I made good friends. Thassal.

So yeah, Economics, I didn’t have my graph book as usual. Which reminds me, I’ve got to buy one. Two, now, they’ve really moved on with the bar/pie diagrams. “Please spare me Mrs. R,” how I ADORE her. =]

What after that? Oh yeah. Double entrepreneurship. Uhh. I was practically falling off my already uncomfortable seat. And I hate the smell of the fashion studies lab where we have our classes. I was going to PUKE today. At least Sunayan kept texting me during class, so I was kinda o-k.

Short recess again. Which I spent trying to pick out the decent tasting cucumbers from the bad ones in my lunch box. And I just lost interest after two pieces, so I gave up. And ate a biscuit instead. *Sin Committed*

Informatics Practices, I just kind of got lost trying to figure out Java scriptures and commands. Netbeans isn’t that hard also. I’ll figure it out.

English proved to me what dumbeffs I go to class with. Honestly. Alright, given, everyone need not be Shakespeare personified, neither am I for that matter :P, just the way I’m not Ramanujan or whatever those math dud(e)s are, but ELEVENTH GRADE LEVEL, PEOPLE! WE DON’T BELONG TO KINDERGARTEN ANYMORE!

I’m not even going to elaborate, just that lest two people max, everyone sucked during the oral speaking test. And on stupid topics like friendship and cultural stuff. Get real!! Buy yourself some books on sexy alphabets or something that teach kids “A is for Armadillo, B is for Bellicose, C is for Claustrophobia, D is for Dextrose” or something like that.

Disappointing. Nothing else, just that. I pity my english teacher (who I now look at in a new light,*grins* <3) because she has to actually suffer through this. Day after day. I can be a snob and get over with it. Even though that’s not right, but what the hell.

Business Studies, she DRONED again! And my eyes were drooping worse than those seven dwarfs put together. I felt so tired today, especially after working my butt off, for that board, which sucked anyway. I hate it when I do something and it sucks.

Eco Club after school, first meeting today, was more like a toilet talk of some kind. The juniors just wouldn’t shut up about their washroom worries! “Ma’am, people don’t flush, people don’t close the door, there’s no toilet paper,” EWWWW-ETH!

Either that, or a whole lot of “Air, water, soil, sdjflwrdfsdfkwdhfowernwsfdsnmptasnfwe;r” Mumbo jumbo.

Thank GAAHD Mrs. R was there to quickly switch over to more conventional matters like the CII project and the Green Schools Project and stuff like that. And I got signed up for it. So I’m on (yet) another mission now, to find out ways to reduce carbon emmissions and stuff like that. YAAAY!

All the way back home, I felt like I was coming down with Viral fever or something. Wait, that I’ve been feeling since the last two days. Germs apparently, love me.

I, on the other hand, try and attempt resistance as much as the tenacity in me permits me to.

Oh yeah, I also wrote a bit of fiction for my “Cliff-Hangers” section on the blog, during entrepreneurship. Which I will be putting up soon enough. 🙂

Received a text saying no school tomorrow due to the death of some minister. I don’t prefer politicians anyway.

Visited some lame exhibition, but the best part was the drive in the car, with the rain pouring furiously outside, and Death Cab in my ears. *swoons*

And here I am, once again, typing away, clutching at my throat for relief that I know’s not gonna visit me soon. Drinking lemon tea, pining for Rum tea and cheesecake, (which is going to happen tomorrow!) and listening to Agnee’s hindi-goth stuff. Bitchin’ 😀

Now, I think I’ll just go bounce on Ezra’s new funky futon that just arrived, and then Percy Jackson my night all over again 😀

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Great post Edgy!!! Thank for mentionin me!!! Haha!! Keep writin!

  2. It’s alphabet, Miss I’m-so-smart. 😛

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