Clouded Thought

I’m still lying around here, stewing in my own mess (as Mrs. R would have put it,) in my moo pajamas. And I feel like someone’s punched my lungs and clogged up my already miniscule-sized alveoli.

Whatever that meant.

I was under the impression that’s I’d be spending this extra off-day at the Cha Bar, soothing my throat with some Rum tea and cheesecake as mentioned yesterday, but I woke up with my parents hovering “You’re sick, where’s the thermometer,” in mid-hushed voices. My head hurt. Worse than that actually. You know what it felt like? Flo Rida’s “You spin my head right round,” in it’s literal sense.

So I just kinda slept around the whole day. And when I didn’t feel like doing that anymore, I finished with Percy Jackson. After which I logged onto facebook and realised that the rest of the world that I *do* know about, is suffering the same throat hurting-legs paining symptom thing that I’m currently going through. And those who aren’t feeling sick that way, are feeling sick on a different level. *looks suspiciously at Syd.*

After which it struck me, that I’m not human. I mean, all this while I was under the impression that I wasn’t human anyway, but like, I thought I was a hep alien.

Now I feel as if I’m a half-God. And no, these aren’t the after effects of Percy Jackson, although I daresay I’d felt witch blood flow through me after Harry Potter.

“Mom.. I think I’m a half-God.”
“Yeah, you could be.”

That’s it. That’s how my parents treat my skepticisms. Maybe because they don’t want me to be attacked by Medusas and Chimaeras and get sent away to Half-Blood Hill. Or maybe because they want to deprive me of the excitement that could follow.

I’m telling you, this is probably the reason why I fall sick so much, despite resistance, and few relatives harping on and on about the importance of home-food, even though I must mention to them that they should stop giving un-needed advice to others and look at their own consumption needs. Because my diet ONLY includes milk, and cucumbers, and rice and vegetables. Which is it.

(FYI, I hate it when people provide you with non-required advice. Uhhh, irritates me to the core.)

Anyway, getting back to my doubts, as I walked through the terrace with the rain drizzling on my shoulders, I kinda had a feeling Zeus was sad about something. Since he is the lightning God and all that. Not angry or anything, no thundering too. Just slightly upset about something.

Maybe about the fact that I’ve been using up the last ten (or more) years of my life trying to crack math problems and not help him in his quests. Maybe that’s why lightning and the purple sky’s always intrigued me so much.


Earlier, I’d just think it was Voldemort getting mad or something, but now that I know he’s dead, therefore mortal, it can’t be it.

I’ve really got to give this some thought. However my head hurts. Maybe I’ve got ADHD or something of that sort. Now, now, I’m not attempting to be some sort of an Annabeth wannabe or something.

Zeus, Hermes, Poseidon, Athena, Ares, Dionysus, Apollo, Artemis, even Hades.

I have a feeling I’m their kin.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Artemis Fowl. I always wanted a brother like him.
    I dunno why I’m writing this right now.
    Maybe I’m just woozy.
    Maybe you could dig up some fancy-schmancy Greek god I’m related to.
    Much appreciated.

    • My sister ceases to think I’m not Athena’s daughter. Maybe Dionysus’ then.

      Definitely NOT Ares. We’ll cook something up for you too, love.

  2. You just named the powerful gods.
    You arnt a part of their *anything*

  3. No.You only wish you were.

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