The Music Flows Through You

I had nothing to do, (actually I have lots, but no motivation to do it), so I just kind of spent my morning making a 3D version of myself. Which turned out to be pretty cool, and very me, but I’m having problems posting the animation on the blog.

After which it hit me, “Urmika, you’re a freaking intellect oozing <- (almost) -> seventeen year old. Go pay heed to things that *actually* matter.”

So Vora and myself sat discussing people on the basis of the music they listen to. Which actually really does make a hell lot of sense. It was her brain wave really as she started to crystal ball me with her predictions.

All the things I listen to, include:

  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • Carolina Liar
  • (Ex-proactive) Panic! At The Disco
  • Linkin Park
  • Blue Judy, Blue Foundation, System of a Down
  • The White Stripes, Radiohead

Well, you can’t really classify me on the basis of all of this. I guess, out of all the bands mentioned above, Death Cab’s my only real eternal holding. Otherwise I keep listening to things that reach out to me and/or intrigue me a great deal.

At times, I switch to Beethoven’s symphonies, and other great pieces by composers like Yiruma, which by the way, you REALLY should try.

Like Vora and I contemplated, we really can’t/won’t hold out against Rihanna/Chris Brown/Britney Spears kinda people. Or people who listen to U2 for that matter. I don’t know, just not my forte.

This is what the future clairvoyant in Vora said about Syd, our only subject as of now, who’s music tastes include Pink Floyd, GnR, Def Leppard, Frigid Pink, Stillwater, My Chemical Romance, Death Cab, The Killers, Eagles, Dream Theater, RHCP, Enigma, not to forget Jefferson Airplane and Led Zeppelin:

“Oh god. Complex. Hold on to him, thats all I can say. Thats a pretty diverse line-up. Impressive, really. RHCP tells me that he IS a go-getter. The Killers, never really heard them much. Seems to have like festing. Death CAB = Superbly profound, penchant for things not easily available, esoteric tastes, really.”

You tell me, what kind of music do you listen to? Just leave your favourite artists/bands in the “Leave your comments” box, and Vora and I will give you a free insight into your soul in less than no time!


x EdgyShark x


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  1. Towards world dominion =)

    Come on come all, and we shall tell you what you never wanted us to know.

    Rihanna/Lil’ Wayne/male chauvinist hip-hop artist fans will please keep away.

    Charges include free passes to all the fest from you BHS guys.
    And from you, you and YOU.

  2. all right, edgy. tell me about me!
    in the last year some of the bands i saw live include The Who, Steely Dan, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, The Dead, Van Halen, Police.

  3. You saw them perform LIVE? Man, I totally respect you. All hail.

    The Police tells me that you are patient, what with Levitt coming out with some of the most misheard lyrics ever.
    As for The Who, you take things at face value, though you probably werent always like this.
    Van Halen shows your quirky, interesting side, the kind of guy who loves to scour websites for trivia.
    I’m sorry I dont listen to the rest of the artists that you’ve mentioned.
    Do tell me how great or not we are.

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