A Zillion Apologies

You know those days when things go quite well, but then you just can’t help feeling sorry for the events that occurred? Like, everything was fine, ‘good’ even. But you just feel an offering of remorse, sarcastically speaking of course, for the subjects?

Well here’s a mixed atonement:

  • I’m sorry about not mentioning That Guy in the blog post entitled “Experiencing The Next Level.” During the fest, when Pallavi and myself were on the road scouring for passes for the fashion show whilst getting wet in the rain, That Guy was nice enough to notice us, stand under a shade and then say, “Hey girls, why’re you getting wet?! Here, *fishes out two bright, shiny, new passes from his trouser pocket* take these, and go enjoy yourselves inside! *winks*” After which followed seven seconds of me staring at Pallavi and vice versa in utter disbelief, and the security guard shushing us inside the auditorium.
    I was grinning like a maniac and couldn’t control my excitement. And in that rush, completely forgot about asking That Guy who he was.
    And now, I don’t even think I’ll recognize him anymore. He was kinda cute too.
    (Honest apology!)
  • I’m sorry for putting Pallavi and myself through the whole hookah torture today! Yeah, right! Even though our noses just weren’t being able to control the gazillion little sniffles that wanted to pass through because of the horrible cheap coal smoke that the disgustingly flavoured hookah being taken at Camellia was emitting, at the meeting today, we just had to sit there, nod our heads at the right moments and smile at each other once in a while even though we were a wee bit too clueless.
    Oh right, the Kinesis prom, “Kyros” is coming up soon in September, if you’re interested, give me a buzz and I’ll give you the passes 🙂
  • I’m sorry about the whole panicky excitement that I caused during the Debating Matters Test today, lol.
  • I’m sorry to myself, to have actually been intrigued by a blog that captioned “Spotted: Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.” Because I actually went ahead and clicked the link.
  • Further apologies to myself, because after reaching that blog, I clicked links that transported me to yet another blog where people post there desperate letters to the supposed vampire imitator. Oh my, the things they write. A little preview if you’re willing to faint at your own cost:” Dear Rob,

No matter who you might be at a hotel with. Or what you might be doing there (playing UNO & drinking margs?), I’ll forgive you for not being with me if you promise to look at me like this next time I come across you: (there’s a video of him dazzling and looking like a puppy dog*(Since I hear the sound of harps playing when I think of this moment in time, I’d prefer our soundtrack to be with a harpist instead of a piano)

  • Honestly.
  • I’m sorry to have drunk all that ICED tea. Despite my knowing that it would cause my weak lungs a whole lot of harm. *grins*
  • I’m sorry to have grinned at that earlier statement.
  • *grins again*
  • I’m feeling sorry for the Upturned Collars that I came across today. The *amount* I laughed at them. I still can’t stop laughing at their stupidity and nonchalance towards the fact that they think they’re the epitome of “Bloody wicked!”
  • I feel sorry for Kindle, because they didn’t get back to me, and thus haven’t been able to include my work for the fiction section of their upcoming book, Intersections.

I’ll be back when I feel I’ve got more to feel acknowledgement for!

x EdgyShark x


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  1. A zillion apologies for cancelling the plan yet again.

  2. I still havent figured what’s the big deal with Rob Pattinson!!A zillion apologies to his fans:-)

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