Pop Lock n’ Do It!

This is for Nagarjun, (there, I said it!),  who danced during Odyssey Grooves.


It’s nothing much, just the song you got me SO hooked on to. And if you’re reading this, apart from getting back to me, you ought to know you’ve made me fall in love with dancing all over again. Jeez N, you danced thrice on that song, and all I want to do when I hear this song, is dance with you.

And that one step towards the end, with your hands up, “I love the way you wind it girl, the way you pop lock n’ do it..” MADE ME MELT. *goes pink*

I have, to the nth degree, completely lost my mind. So erm, once, ONE dance is all I ask for. And I wanna learn those haaawwwt moves too ^_^

x EdgyShark x


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  1. OMG!
    does arjun know!?!?!?
    dis is hilarious!!!
    m glad u finally found sum1 u like tho..!
    *grinning madly*

  2. I've Got The KEYYYYYY!

    Someone put up a video of the dance!!!
    Just cause i was sitting at home sucking on strepsils with a thermometer in my mouth doesnt mean i wouldnt like to see what it was like.
    I like dancing.I WANT A VIDEO.
    Scour the seas you big shark.Find that sunken ship,i’ll give u the key to the treasure chest.I know its the one cause i found it in the Iced tea glass >I know its the correct one, I just know it<
    Find the chest
    Open it
    Get the video

    Shouldnt be that tough ur a shark remember. Your like the king of the ocean or w/e AND if your afraid of the whale<i dont even know if they lurk around in seas< Time yourself cause they need to fill their lungs with oxygen ever hour or so.

    Basically.GET ME THAT VIDEO:
    Ill give you a shark treat for it.

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