Wicker Park

You might get confused in bits, because this pyschological drama keeps moving back and forth in time. But that’s what makes it so interesting. The characters are revealed slowly and gradually fom different perspectives, and it’s basically about Matt’s (Josh Hartnett) crazy hunt for the woman he’s so irrevocably in love with, Lisa (Diane Kruger).

Luke (Matthew Lillard) is more like a pawn used by Alex (Rose Byrne) to get to Matt in order to keep him and Lisa apart. Because it’s a triangle between Alex, Lisa and Matt that drives all of them wild.

Half the movie’s shot in Belucci’s. Looks like some fancy restaurant. And now I wanna go to Beluccis’s because of the number of times they’ve shown that place in the last two hours.

Alex. The woman, if you ask me, is mentally deranged. And it’s kind of nerve racking and mind pinching to watch her shrewdness on screen, the way she tries to increase the distance between the torn lovers.

Brilliant direction and pictography, not to forget the acting itself, this movie is definitely a watch. And here’s a video of the last scene. (Spoiler Warning). Because it’s the best part of the movie.

I’m not going to give anymore away, you’d rather watch and decide for yourself!

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