The Need For Speed!

Somebody got their driver’s license today xD

And I’m happy for them too, since I’d have otherwise been at the receiving end of threats of the worst kind, and even Zeus (ZOOS) wouldn’t have been of any help.

Because apparently, here’s the story of how Syd had, in different circumstances, lost that permit. (Briefly speaking):

Well, I kept calling, and his cellphone kept vibrating or whatever in the middle of the driving test, and all the distractions made him bang a cab.

This is fun, feels great to know we’re all growing up. And I’d prefer if the process sped up even further =]

x EdgyShark x

P.S. You don’t look like Syd Barrett. He’s WAY hotter. (At least, here.)


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  1. Yes, he’s hotter. But I do. Block out everything eye-down.

  2. But you do? Although Barrett’s as good as a red Maserati only in this picture.

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