The Royal Bunkers

It all started with our complete lack of interest towards the curriculum that today’s time-table, very distinctly, presented. So Aradhana, Kinzal and myself decided to cut class, right from the second period onwards. Which happened to be Informatics Practices, where after wasting half the time girl-talking/bitching about the doltish affairs that went on among our peers, we realized that the teacher was supposed to make a “Big Announcement,” that we’d missed out on.

Oh jeez, I care so much.

The first class I’d anyway really tried hard to rack my brains and understand bank reconciliation statements in accountancy, but to no avail. So I’d already lost all attentiveness and affinity towards studying anymore.

So we spent our time on the back stairs of the building, quite comfortably, with enough grist for the entire gossip mill, with our cellphones out and a comprehensive amount of texting and facebook-ing going on. Soon enough, a bratty line of innocent kids passed by and there also came a teacher with a very sullen look on her face. Aradhana and I jumped and hurriedly put the gadgets away.

The three of us had a good laugh and then decided to go raid the XI C2’s food sale. And it was awesome, the amount of cash losses we must have put them in by stealing plates full of junk food!

And there onwards, Aradhana, Sneha and I spent the rest of the day proudly protraying the love we have for the environment, being the perfect Eco Club Activists (I still can’t stop laughing.!)

We drew out our proposal for the CII Green Schools Project or whatever the hell it’s called which consisted of ways to make everything more eco-friendly, without even knowing what we were actually working towards. And the first thing that we did was go around the entire school counting the number of tubelights, fans and ACs it had.

And it was tedious. Dull. Annoying, monotonous. Irksome, wearisome. DRAB!

And it went on and on with proper plans such as greening the roof and devious ones like banning the librarian from the school. Some of which, will eventually be implemented 😀

So yeah, that’s how we spent the entire school day. And I’ve been neglecting my whole cucumber diet since the last week, because well uhm, I committed a NUMBER of sins today.

Like eating two very warm and inviting blueberry swizzle muffins and a few pieces of equally exciting chocolate cake.

All in all, a very productive day. And tomorrow Mrs. R’s making us attend school to complete that project. Here’s hoping our hard work REALLY does pay off, which would lead to us going to Hyderabad to present the project, and them actually funding the entire thing to implement all our concepts.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. We had to write that too.
    Wrote the first seven shitty things that my brain stumbled upon, gave up and dozed off.

  2. Haha. We’ve got to submit like a PROPER presentation!

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