Cullen’s A Barbie, Jackson’s A God

I just finished with the third book in the Olympian series – Percy Jackson and The Titan’s Curse, and frankly, it was quite entertaining. Not to forget gripping. And I’m really into Greek mythology now, it’s far too interesting an aspect to simply leave out of my agenda. So fourth book, I’ll begin with in a couple of days. Before that, though, I tried googling the movie, and I was sad to find out that it’s not going to be releasing before 2010.

The cast shocked me. All the main characters, who are actually supposed to be 13 and 14, are in reality 21 and above. Except Percy, who’s played by Logan Wade Lerman, who is 19. They could’ve picked ME to play Thalia! *sniffs*

Pierce Brosnan is playing Chiron! And all the other Gods also seem pretty impressive! I don’t know, the movie should be pretty awesome.

Take a look for yourself, click here to go to the official website. And if you’re REALLY as into it as I am, then maybe the thought of waiting for another two years is going to push you into Hades’ realm. Here’s a video of the trailer:

The Olympians – VERY hot.

Also, you’ve got to take a look at the newest Barbies that have hit the shelves. If you want a hearty laugh, that is.

Moving away from heroic goodwill and Olympian hotness alerts, twilight is back. the Cullen and Swan barbies think they’re the new things that sizzle. Here you go –


Yeah, you can’t miss this.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. I think the Edward doll´s ok, though not very attractive. Bella´s doesn´t look remotely like her!

  2. You do know that by being Thalia in the first and almost all of the 2nd movie you’ll only be a tree.

    • Yeah, you just managed to make me laugh, ^_^.
      I will *still* nonetheless, get to be in the movie. And I can wait till like the third to actually get started. It’s not that bad. I’ll get to experience it all !

    I WANT D ODERS>>!!!
    I LOVED IT!!!
    percy’s some demi god!
    and isnt his dad some Wicked ASS greek god?!!?
    HELP ME !!!!
    *info wanted ASAP*

  4. OMG! i didn’t know we had this in common too! even i ❤ percy! But the last book is left….i've lost track now…and u know what??…in another trailer it was shown that Robert Pattinson is there :(…this sucks BIG TIME!!
    P.S. Poseidon looks just like i had imagined !! 🙂

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