The night before last, paranoia swept over my brain and completely took over the reigns there. I had *actually* begun to think that the world was coming to an end. I don’t know why, but a very inconsequential sense of fear gripped my already evasive mind and left me feeling cold.

Under other circumstances, the weather that prevailed at that point of time would have actually been embraced by me, but then, it left me feeling unsure. All this was probably because the night before that, earthquake tremors had been felt in the state.

Earthquakes probably strike all the time. Japan, California, you name it. And I give the seismographs a listen and turn a deaf ear against them after a few minutes. But this time, it was so near. Even though I hadn’t felt anything, even though this had just lasted for a few meagre seconds, even though this wasn’t even a potential hazard, I was somehow compelled to feel the apprehension.

Even though I didn’t want to.

But you can’t help these things. So I just curled myself up within the warmth of my blanket and pillow and tried not to think about it.

It’s so funny how suddenly your brain makes you think these things. What if tomorrow never came..? What if something happened?

And you’re not even prepared.

Alas, as mentioned earlier, these thoughts can’t be helped. Because after all, they are, but thoughts. Fragments and strings of my mind, that people probably don’t even want to pay heed to.

And what has to happen, will.

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  1. how cunning we are!
    I read the above. And lemme tell u i did not feel anything unusual or grave. Sorry if this hints against ur writing prowess.*
    I felt a little disgust, a little sad. Reason: The great use of active verbs as against passive, when we talk of something that is quite out of domain of our activity and may concern with a Divine Song. Maybe we belittle our ignorance or hide under words something quite obvious and axiomatic.
    we say : the earth shook. and not earth was shaken ( by whom?).

    Maybe we understand nature(around us) to be all-powerful. But its like playing the same tune but on a different ( and according to me wrong) instrument.

    *Actually ur write-up instigated the thought my brain was playing the whole day today.
    and hence claps and praises for the charming freak. 🙂

    And hey if you come up again in like situation think of crying children of Palestine, tribals of Chattisgarh and many anonymous sufferers. ( forgive my didacticism.)

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