Waylaid Headache

The most absurd situations are enough to make me giddy in the head. I mean, happy. Today was a little too pathetic, what with me getting completely drenched in the rain and scouring the entire school campus for my eco-friendly bag and cellphone.

Because Mrs. R had called me and I had to rush five floors in a hurry. I love it when people appreciate your work at the end of the day. I’d had to stay back alone and work my butt off on the CII Project the day before, and I literally mean *my butt off*, and I wouldn’t have been able to take it if Mrs. R would have hauled me to make changes.

“Excellent presentation, I loved it and I’ve forwarded a soft copy to the head office.”

It’s a wonderful feeling when hard work pays off and you’re credited.

Although, I badly require a motivational drive right now. To sit and study. Terminals begin next Thursday. And an e-book reader and a touch phone. Also, a Romain Jerome to just look at, because I’m not going to be wearing such preciousness. Or maybe I might.

I hate it when you go offline and don’t reply to my IM’s.

After which you callously talk about Vertus and Ulysse Nardins. Uhh, I’m not supposed to care. And I don’t. *Desperately looks for that cynically reclused self.*

x EdgyShark x

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