Jinx(ed) Afternoon

An afternoon out with Jinx always turns out to be something exactly other than what you’d expect it to be. Sometimes annoyingly irritating, and at times pretty interesting. So yesterday after really trying hard to solve a single sum based on journal accounts and not succeeding, we just put our books away and decided to give some gallavanting a try.

First stop, the worst (arguably, the best) mall in Calcutta, in terms of mall rats and snob crowds of course, Forum. Where all the apathetic beings roam at all points of the day. We agreed to try out a hindi movie called “Love Aaj Kal” to give ourselves a laugh. Alas, the tickets were sold out.

And something tells me that was probably a good thing. Since I haven’t watched a hindi movie in so long, no point breaking that record.

After bugging Syd at least thrice as to whether he could join or us or vice versa, we just came to the conclusion then to “hit the road” and see where it took us. So we walked. And walked a little more.

Jinx On A Sugar Rush

Jinx then chooses to flood me with her pancake and crepe cravings. So we enter Piccadilly Square despite me telling her that the crepes SUCK beyond no measure. I mean, you’d rather go to Crepes Station to eat crepes, although I have no idea what they are like, over there.

I think crepes suck, like generally speaking.

She kept going on and on about how scrumptious mushroom crepes could be, so we just ordered it alongwith French De La Creme pancakes. And I thought that would turn out to be something exsquisite covered in a number of dark coloured sauces. And when the waited brought the dish, it was actually looking like a six year old’s Piccadilly special lunch.

Two tiny pancakes topped with oozing amounts of white vanilla sauce and rainbow sprinkles on top. What a pretty picture! *squeals!*


Piccadilly Square


*Hits self for squealing.*

And since we had the car completely to ourselves, we decided to explore our opportunities and make the best of the evening. Of course, given no time constraints we’d have just asked the chauffeur to drive to another city, but we had to limit ourselves to the central side, i.e. Park and Russel Street.

Dominoes was next on the list, with the both of us trying to choke down the taste of the very horrible crepe and candied pancakes with the help of overdoses of garlic bread and jalapeno dips.

And by the end of it, we landed up at my favourite alcove, the Cha Bar at Oxford with iced tea and cappuccinos, where we sat talking and laughing about the worst jokes you’d ever have heard.

The Cappuccino

Fake Intellectual Thinking

Next time we’ll do something a little more challenging, Jinx. =]

x EdgyShark x

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  1. I LOVED my time in Cal. Damn, I’m dying to go again. What’s interesting is how the time seems to have its own pace there. I love the fact that there are fancy restaurants, bookstores, etc through Park Street but the moment you look up, there’s Victorian architecture.

    I miss Cal. Sigh.

  2. And when the -waited- brought the dish

  3. Starbucks Fairy

    You could have put a nicer picture of me. 😦 Boo.

    PS: I saw the movie, and it didn’t suck. πŸ˜€

  4. Starbucks Fairy

    Aaaaaaah, nooo. Such facts are not meant to be divulged.

    Eeeeek, that picture’s not nice. πŸ™‚

  5. Starbucks Fairy


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