Dempsey Does It Best

I needed to watch *something* while having breakfast and turns out that 10 in the morning, the channels don’t really have anything to offer. So I switched to HBO and just stayed there since Patrick Dempsey was dancing in a tux with Michelle Monaghan.

And here’s a movie that really brings out the feminist side of men. You don’t have to be macho all the time, guys. And it’s really no big deal being Made the ‘Maid of Honor‘.

Eh, you’re still being ‘honored’ anyway. Thrive!

Even though he tried to play the part of a manly-womanizer, Dempsey (Tom) couldn’t really do it because he is just so innocent and soft. The movie follows the lives of these two best friends with Hannah having a little thing for him and he being too busy to reciprocate, snazzing up his bachelor pad. Oh, and he’s a rich New-Yorker, who probably made some stupid invention to get the deutsche in his bank account, (I missed out all of that because I tuned in late.)

Hannah’s all sad because he doesn’t even look at her that way, so she goes off to Scotland for some art project or something and leaves him back in NY with his basketball playing buddies. Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of basketball.

In her absence, Tom realizes that he’s actually in love with her and wants to be with her. So he waits for her to get back to propose. And as predicted, Hannah meets a hot Scottish at the moors, who subsequently turns out to be a Duke, and bringes him back to NY with her, to plomp the news on her best friend, that she’s tying the knot with the Scott.

The promotional poster gave anything away? Yeah, Hannah asks Tom to be her ‘maid of honor’ and the movie follows with him trying to show her that he’s changed and become mature and that he’s ready to settle down. But the Scott’s no less.

Also, he’s the one who’s playing Poseidon in Percy Jackson. (Kevin McKidd, he.)

And Tom realizes that the Scott’s richer than him, is strong enough to throw a tree a few hundred meters away, and can even beat him at basketball by dunking. But he just somehow convinces Hannah towards the end that he IS the one for her, which is not really giving the movie away or anything, because the script wasn’t really that clever or shrewd.

The music could have been better. Really, whoever did it, just doesn’t know his softwares. And Oasis’ Stop Crying Your Heart Out could have been cut shorter. It just went on and on. And on. And well, let’s just say there are a few hundred typical New York American songs that could have been a part of the soundtracks, here.

Also, I like Michelle’s hair. Only not when she’s in her wedding gown. All the other times. And Dempsey needs new clothes. Because he can only be seen wearing the same three shirts throughout the movie.

All in all, typical, squishy cushioned, Dempsey-doughy chick flick. Worth my breakfast, anyway.

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  1. the movie was very cliche and i can confidently tell that i predicted almost 50% of the movie… it’s theatrical preview……

    though the movie still a good watch….it is one of two Patrick Dempsey movie i have seen…….i watch him mostly on Grey’s Anatomy…..find him better ther……..Michelle is one of those actress ther who isn’t recognized…….this was the first and only Michelle Monaghan movie i have seen…..i liked her….and would love to see her again……..

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