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The paper on Thursday had the announcement written in a tiny corner, finally. “Attention Coordinators, Meeting at The Statesman House this Sunday at 11:00 am sharp.” And something more about being there with “your innovation skills”. Well, at least I was thankful that there was finally a meeting to attend. Lately the only writing I’ve been doing’s been on the blog. Not that that’s a bad thing, but well, with the paper, I just had a feeling that I’d not noticed an earlier meeting. Oh well, good stuff.

The Stateman House

The Stateman House

I woke up this morning with a bad cringe on my neck and somehow cranked my way out of the room into the morning sunlight, cursing and wriggling my shoulders. I had to make it quick, it was already 10:30 and I needed to be out in fifteen minutes tops, to be able to speed, literally, to the office.

I’m a student coordinator with The Voices, The Statesman, and the best part about it, (after of course being in print all the time) would be the meetings.

And yeah, like always, (always = ALL the time, not only today or previous meetings) I just opened my cupboard and kept staring at the clothes with a feeling that something new and interesting would magically appear out of nowhere and spare me the thought of having to think up a decent enough outfit to step out of the house.

But things like these only happen in Harry Potter and the Spiderwick Chronicles  and what not.

So I just decided to wear my red colored “It’s A Dog Eat Dog World” t-shirt for fun. You know, it’s got  a dog on it, eating a hot dog, pretty funny, definitely worth a laugh.

It's A Dog Eat Dog World

It's A Dog Eat Dog World

But after a shower, I just kinda decided against it. I mean what speaks out “unprofessional” better?! So I just settled with the standard black and blue combo of a smart shirt and jeans. Bo-ring. (Now I’m thinking I should have just gone with the red.)

Anyway, so I reached, and on time. And I didn’t even have to flash my press card to open the stupid security door that magically always shuts on me and refuses to budge till the guard swipes the card again. Waaow.

The Editor was unmistakably delighted to see me today! (Which was a first, I’m telling you.) And she told me my previous issue on music, which was titled “Fortissimo” (Kudos to Syd on that one) was next to brilliance. 😀 (.. Nothing better than your work being appreciated and complimented.”)

After which there was a certain amount of brainstorming in the newsroom, which is like a great place to be. It really opens up the mind and the atmosphere totally helps to work. Although, I do suggest changing the color of the walls to blue, or wait they are blue I think, because blue helps in innovating ideas, and red for concentrating on detail.
Note To Self: Make workplace purple. Red+Blue=Purple. *I think..*

As the paper’s turning sixteen, the Ed had arranged for a lunch for us as well, and while everyone ate chinese food, I sipped Sprite because, “Uhm, ma’am is the food not Veg, because I’m a vegetarian?” A photo session followed, with me being assigned a new group of people to work on on, not one, but TWO whole issues 😀

And this time, the people I have to work with are FAR better than the previous lot. And I’m sensing they won’t give me a terrible time. I like the fact that I am now a senior coordinator and I get to assign work to these people and have them meet my deadlines.

Not that I’m turning into a Nazi, no. *looks around sheepishly*

A hell lot of work to do: Submitting my issueS(!), reporting on and visting the world film festival at Nandan, scrabble championship, attending a session on art and styling and things like that. And falafel. (Which, by the way is my word for etcetera, if you didn’t already know.)

Also, French classes at Alliance Francaise start tomorrow. Exciting stuff.

Gotta hop to it, quick. I THRIVE when I’m as busy!

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Superb, superb.

    A part here reminds me that I missed the Osean Cine Festival this year. Like last year. Bloody advertising. NEVER work in advertising okay? Stick to print. Exciting things happen there, I’ve heard.

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