The Li’l French Girl

I know it’s weird, but before we begin, I hope you’re well aware of the fact that weird is the only word associated with moi. Strange weird, weird weird, the likes. So I was excited to go to Alliance Française today because I begun my French classes, (finally)! And before going, I was much too excited at the thought of learning a new language, so I just kinda wanted to *be* the part as well.

I wanted to look French, walk French, (the talking I don’t yet know, so) just basically be French. I don’t even know what that meant, but I just tried real hard. New dark stone washed skinny-skinny jeans and a nice red and blue French flowered umbrella cut thing on top, also those are the French colors, so.  Gahd, did I just write that? Whatever.

After getting registered at the main center I had to walk to the class which was a block away, in the rain. And my mom and me were frantically looking for the building, and she kept on saying, “I’ve SEEN that French hoarding here somewhere..” And then, I saw the flag of France, and French horns resounded in my head.. Okay, not. I’m stretching it 😛 So yeah, I saw that flag, and my mom goes, “No wait, isn’t that the Indian flag?!” And I’m like, “Mom, SERIOUSLY?!?”

Yes Syd, I'm a French Freak. Thanks for reminding me this is Italian.

I entered class late and looked around at my fifteen other classmates, much the same as they stared back at me. Darn, all the good seats were taken. I was the youngest person out there. I felt like a li’l French girl!

Yes, this IS the French flag.

Yes, this IS the French flag.

We learned the basic stuff, the alphabet, salutations and greetings. And my name sounds very funky in French. (It was probably just the way the teacher pronounced it, maybe :\ ) The teacher just wouldn’t stop speaking in French. And we had no choice but to listen to her with rapt attention. She was looking around for the white board cleaner (in French), and Stephen (the Chinese guy) goes “Uhh, madame, eet eez there” *heavy Chinese accent* “MERCI BEAUCOUP MONSIEUR!” the teacher shrieked and the guy got REALLY alarmed. Lol.

Just after half an hour, I turned to my left to the two girls sitting next to me.

“Comment:allez vous?”
“Je vais tres bien, et vous?”
“Ça va, merci. Comment vous vous appelez?”
“Je m’appelle Rita,” “Je m’appele Natasha, tu t’appelles comment?”
“Je m’appelle Urmika”
“Uhh, that’s all I know, you wanna get a cup of coffee or something?!”

So, I had coffee with Rita and Natasha during the short recess upstairs, who are very fun people. Although they’re in university and I’m still in high school, we got along pretty well, and they’re very cute! Then there’s this guy Prithviraj who got really annoyed when the teacher asked him to spell his name in French. Heh, it can be bugging! Stephen Li, the Chink, was sitting with a Chinese script and converting that into French. Poor guy was having trouble enough with English!

And there’s another bunch of girls and guys who I didn’t really get acquainted with. And there’s this older lady too. Wait, Madame.

Also, X is pronounced “eeks” which was really funny, the entire class going “tay, oo, vay, doo-blaw-vay, eeks(!), i-grec, zet” Don’t get alarmed, I’m not summoning the French guards, that’s just T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z.

More funky updates on the happenings in a while!

Au revoir!
Oh wait no, that’s like an indefinite goodbye.

Toute à L’heure!

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Itdoesn'tmatter

    Thats the Italian flag, girl.
    You gotta teach me French. All we need is for you to stay one class ahead of me.

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