Informatics Ahoy!

Really, don’t become an addicted blogger like me. What I need now is like GPRS on the go or something. Wait, an e-book reader + wordpress widget for the road! Thoughts come out, and it makes me restless having to wait till the end of the day till I get back home to my desktop. I browsed through the Vaio netbook series, but they’re not worth it. I can’t work with a teeny-tiny precious looking 3-hour battery lasting shiny notebook.



And I was under the impression that I’d left math some six months ago. So it wasn’t really appaling when I got a little freaked looking at this during the IP test today:

(i) Write the corresponding Java expressions for the following mathematical expressions:

1. √a²+b² – 2c + eª
2. [ |a-2b| / b²] * 2c

Also, this looks equally creepy, but it’s not that bad:

(h) Find the value of the expressions, given the following declarations:
Boolean result;
short a=100, b=200, c=300;
(1) result= c-2*b<0 || (c+400)<2*b;
(2) result= (a+100==b) && (a+b==c) || (a+b<c)

And anyway, my butt began hurting real bad after an hour, so I just decided to walk out, after a hell lot of shifting here and there and switching sides. Because then the invigilator got suspicious, and I felt like telling her that the others were solving math papers, I REALLY wouldn’t be able to help them in ANY way! (Math and me = *chuckles to self*)

I bought my French text books today and thank the demi-gods I had them, because Syd, you’ve GOT to learn how to be punctual, mate. Every time!! Also, the front seat in the battered up car suits you, very art-ish.

Here’s a special mention about Jabran’s song Chal Diye. Which finally, he’s got recorded. And it’s KICKASS. Unfortunately, you can’t hear it now, because he won’t release it publicly until he gets the copyrights. *feels exclusive*. But very rocki-ish, like the version we sang at Odyssey.

And I’ll give you the link soon when he gives it the okay, because trust me it’s worth listening to! 🙂 Pa, I know you’re reading this. You *could* comment you know, I’m not gonna say anything 😛

So what are you guys upto?

x EdgyShark x


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  1. VAIOs, no matter how hard they try, have no sense of design. I, on the other hand, am a Mac loyalist. My MacBook kicks everything’s ass. I think it’s perfect for you.

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