Every Entrepreneur’s Whirlwind

About twenty of us are writing the entrepreneurship paper tomorrow, and well before we start off with that, entrepreneurship isn’t really a subject that can be taught. I’m saying this after heavy research and I do believe that knowing certain traits and qualities to be a successful entrepreneur is not going to get you anywhere. Because this isn’t something that can be *taught*, it has to be a built up passion. The skills and characters? Well, you will eventually hone them and have them if you really have the fire in you. Who is an entrepreneur? Alright, you can google Schumpter’s definition, need I say, Adam Smith’s (bless me, Smith!) And they’re probably the ‘correct’ wordings you can get. But ask Donald Trump or Richard Branson, they’ll stare back.

Hell yeah, youre fired (.. you incompetent lil iddy!)

Hell yeah, you're fired (.. you incompetent li'l iddy!)

You need the anger, you need the drive. Otherwise, you can just forget about changing the world. And I want to. Change the world that is. I want to do things my way, but that probably isn’t enough.  Well, one day ..

Anyway, getting back to this, here are a few pointers for my batchmates:

  1. Just read the eight chapters assigned, don’t fret, definitely don’t rote-learn.
  2. Skim the question-answers that you’ve solved. If you haven’t yet done that, then solve them orally from the back of each chapter.
  3. You should have done heavy internet researching during the time of the completion of the projects. Because those projects weren’t meant to be bundles of file paper copied off Wikipedia.
  4. The key is to “Know” more. Look I don’t know how many of you are honestly interested in that, but I’m giving you my opinion, because I sure as hell am.
  5. Answers should always be different, no matter what. At least that’s what I do. I hate the text language anyway.
  6. Write answers relating to entrepreneurs you’re sure you know about. Again, you should have delved into analyzing.
  7. Use examples.
  8. Explain answers well. I mean well. Très bien!
  9. Have clarity of thought. Use your brains. Nothing else works. If you can’t do that here, consider a subject gone to waste, and education in this sphere equal to null.
  10. What else? Don’t think of this as something stupid and something “I have to ‘mug’ and get a 90 on.’ Because it’s not that easy. It’s really harder than you think. The answers always seem simple, but if they were, we’d all be heavily acknowledged and blooming undertakers right now.


Some of the greatest beings on earth, are so called, because they’ve changed the way the rest of us think. And I want to be able to do exactly that someday.

x EdgyShark x


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