Blurred Dusk Blues

Sleep threw me over at around 4:17 am this morning, so I just kind of got out of bed, ambled around the refrigerator for a minute or two, and after deciding that my vision was completely obscured and out, I just walked back to my room, and gave in under the comfort of the purple sky outside.



It’s funny, because I’d thought I’d have been busy doing something, at the very least. Switching between HBO, Star World, Zee Cafe and the news at 11, isn’t really a sport. But if it would be, I’m getting better.

How I hate waiting. So why do I do it then?

I could’ve studied Economics, but I reserved that for today. The only book that I’m left with, is Outliers by Malcolm Cladwell, and it’s already turned me off, because it promised to have comparisons between The Beatles and Bill Gates, but so far, there’s a whole lot of mooja about under age Canadian hockey.

(*Flinches at the word above* No, not ‘hockey’.)

If there would have been a mention of Robin Scherbatsky, I still would have enjoyed it.

Apparently, I closed the door on my hand last night. There’s a gash on my palm and some weak memories of the same.

x EdgyShark x


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