French is the language that is probably stepping on the last nerve of everyone around me, because I refuse to speak in anything else. Note: Speak, not write.

Need I say, everything seems fine now? Ezz has begun making up haikus. Very hot ones at that too. Chaud 😀

Par exemple: “Flower of midnight
Waits for impending doom
As her corpse rises ..”



Class was good today too. Alot of talk about French movies and Meg Ryan and Francophones and horses. (The horses was just me.) Although I didn’t get as many “Très bien’s” as yesterday, I did use up all my knowledge to gather one sentence though: “Prithviraj, vous êtes un rouge fille stallion.”

Which really doesn’t make sense, but apparently, according to that, he’s a red girl-horse.

More verbs=More of my notebook getting hooded with flourescent post-its. Again like yesterday, today’s being really blank. Is my mind losing it’s charm? Non, Je ne le pense pas.

J’ai  un d’affair etudiez examen demain. I have a Business Studies exam tomorrow.

I will be back here in a while. With substantial thoughts. You STILL keep reading.

x EdgyShark x

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  1. stephane cocagne

    Hello, my name’s Stéphane, i’m french, living in france and i don’t have spoken for 3 years now, i was surprising by your site because… it was the same for me, it must be very “understanding” for you.
    I’ve got what the doctor/medicine called the/a “hyper-empathic syndrom”, they said that it’s just in my “mind”, not real but an imagination constuction of my mind…
    Well, i hope i don’t disturb you and, above all, excuse me for my poor english, but, since i discover your blog (in fact, i was searching for the “Kanji” of the word “Haiku”…
    Answer me if you really want so, i’m trying to write Haïku, especially former “Tanka”…

    Bye. It’s up to you now.

    • Hi Stephane, so good to hear from you! Maybe I suffer from it too, it’s great to keep the mind open of all possibilities. Pardon me for my late reply. I think I know what you mean, and it’s a great thing; having an imagination that runs wild! My only advise: Don’t suppress it! Keep reading, you might find many of the older posts intriguing too. – Edgy.

    • hey u r pretty cool

  2. hey stop that

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