Dramatic Rescue

You don’t want to know what your finger is capable of feeling like after writing 36 pages of a business studies paper. If you do, well, you can feel my pain. My finger HURTS. And that too, the one that’s the most vulnerable. *Aww* So how could I expect myself to play on a Fender Squier Strat after that?

By the way, band practice was fun 🙂 That garage is really a cool place.

Although, everything’s so infuriating. I see shades of purple everywhere. I’m just so bugged.

And Jinx, I’m sorry but someone stole your jeans from my bag. I don’t believe how cheap people can be. I’d gone to give my exam and when I came back, it was gone and the contents of my bag were strewn everywhere.

I’m going to try and look for it.

They weren’t even insured. (D’affairs etudiez blague). While writing, I realized four out of the trente-six pages were wet. I was assured that I was insured for freight against that and would be receiving compensation in terms of Madame Sen Ghosh not asking me any questions as to whether I *sharked* on my paper.

I ate FOUR huuuge cookies today. If I’m not going to hell then who is?

Somebody do something to this sore finger, typing’s becoming an issue now! I’m not even closely excited about tomorrow. I’m just waiting for Sex And The City tonight which needless to say isn’t even all that great. And there’s no E! News, So You Think You Can Dance has all the shite dancers, I’m already done with today’s dose of Friends, and there wasn’t even any French to brighten up my spirit.

So I’m now taking a “Who Do You End Up With In A Jane Austen Book” quiz on facebook.

The verdict’s out. It’s John Willoughby. I’ve got to read Sense and Sensibility. Soon.

Oh Willoughby, you sneaky li’l thang.

x EdgyShark x

P.S. I don’t know why I said that (@ thang.)


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