Allepino Is Spelt Jalapeno!

My mamas are not allowed to freak me out like that. But that was awesome of them to land up in the morning with a cake and non-alcoholic champagne (!) for Ezz, while I was still dreaming of horse back riding John Willoughby, under my blanket.

And I’ve lost my grey-matter since the morning. Why does it always rain on this day every year?! I suspect I’m kinda stealing my twin’s thunder.

So here’s (finally) to Aashna! Happy Birthday! You’re awesome, and the awesomer thing being, that you’re my twin. Aah, I’m obsessed now.



Pashmena, Cookie, Aash, Buttercup, Ginger, Madame Da-bubua(?!), Diner girl, and what not. I can’t really recall all those whacky nicknames I call you with all the time, but I’m sure there’ll be more.



Lots of Laaaaau. Now don’t cringe, freak. Bwahaha.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Yeah Finally!
    Freak out? Don’t worry i shall in sometime
    Right now though, I reciprocate!

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