I Gotta Feeling!

Digveer said, “Whatever you do, be sure to have a bitchin’ (21st century word for awesome) girls night out.” Because it’s not worth it whining about the men. Men, eh well, they come and go. But you need your girls. Which is kinda true. ❤

Ezz, Starr, PJ and myself began by causing a hurricane worse than Kat in the room, with clothes and bags and shoes and lingerie and make up products and what not, everywhere. Which was actually fun till Pa walked in and (yeah, I was surprised) didn’t say anything. Which made me feel like I’m being too much of Naomi, leaving the state within the four walls that way. Heh.

But hey, I resolved to be like Naomi, with the “Hello There, Darling.. Hahaha *Fake Laughter*” and was being her, very well. Until Starr got freaked out by my impersonation. And since I don’t really have Chanel jewellery ..

Kyros was at Venom, so after a heavy amount of dressing to make ourselves feel great, we reached, and traipsed around and then went in afterward after picking up Jinx. (And again apologising about the jeans. 😦 )

Dancing, and dancing. Dancing and more dancing 😀

I wanted to dance to Gabriel Antonio, so I kinda wrote “DUDE! I Love The Way You Wind It!” on my cellphone to show it to the DJ so that he would play it. But if you just read that line, he kinda thought I was telling him I loved the way he wound it. Silly me.

Booze was expensive, and us board members of Kinesis didn’t even get anything on the house 😛

Could’ve been better though. All I wanted to do was get up on the ledge and pole dance. Ehh, if only it was a private partay. With my friends 😀



Assamese tea, tastes good, Snape. 😉

My toes are jammed. And it’s my twin’s birthday in a few minutes. Happy Birthday, love x

Pranay and Pragya, great fun dancing with you guys 😀



Jinxie, honey. You’re fun! And so are you PJ, although you already know how stoned you get at time lol!

We  did have a bitchin’ time. Girls and guys!

In the end, it sure does all work out. Don’t bother about what’s gonna happen. Live with the present, it’s a hell lot better than what you’d expect it to be. *grins*

x EdgyShark x


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  1. TheStarbucksFairy


  2. yeay!!!! im in your blog!!!!! 😀

  3. I really like this idea of Pole dancing.
    Where you somebody’s Laptop, eh?

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