Boo-tiful Noise xD

The book launch was good. At least I’m getting into the groove now. I got to autograph three lucky copies 😀 Oh wait readers, there’ll be more. One day, I hope I’m going to be in the limelight, signing piles and piles of books, having people swoon all over me, wanting to take their pictures with me, gala gala.

And thanks again everyone, for coming. Those who couldn’t make it, I’m sorry you missed it, because The Supersonics were just plain sexy. And those who didn’t, I guess I know I’m not going to be a part of your daily propaganda anymore. No hard feelings. It was great knowing you.

The band played ammmmazing music. With their callous attitude, to the yeah-whatever’s and the “Oops, the processor’s zonked and my lead wire fell out!” they’re actually one of the really good bands that I’ve heard play in a long, long time.

No, I couldn’t get pictures with Avinash or Ananda, but they’re playing again, Someplace Else, Saturday night. Ooooh. Hawt.

They began with a bang, really tight leads and hi-hat getting hit at the right time, and after the first song, us authors were called on stage, and introduced and given our complimentary copies of the book. And then followed the rest of the concert with a great amount of head-banging (Pallavi di: GO MAMSHI!)

You’ve GOT to (got to got to got to) hear them if you still haven’t. Stuff like Yeah Whatever, One Seventy. And one really cool thing that I like is their website too, which I think, is still under construction. But then that ‘give us a bath’ thing is so cool, I fell off my chair laughing the first time I saw it. And since then, I just go and click it to get them smelling pweetty, haha.

The Supersonics

Totally my kinda thang.

Maby Baking, haha. That’s like my want-to-form band name, Punk In Drublic.

And when they were about to end, (of course we didn’t want them to,) “Encore, encore! We don’t care if you’re tired!” But they didn’t listen, so this really adamant chick from the back screams “NITIN!” so harshly, that they had no choice. Hahaha.

Ananda coyly comes up to the mic and goes, “Cheap tactics, bleh.” Uhh, *melty right there*

So yeah, I’m getting all their hip CD’s. Non-conventional, upbeat,  and FUNKAY. I really think they’re one band I’ve seen in a long long time, with such a great outlook towards making music. Completely ugly, dirty (okay, we didn’t get to see that part because of the proud mommies and the daddies around) and ultra-talent justified.

You guys are awwwwwzzum.

… And the words aren’t coming anymore. ❤

Oh wait, there’s a picture of me with the book. I’m finally a published author. Uhhhh, Picasa takes too long to open. Until I get done with blemishing my not so pretty self, here’s a look at the book itself.

Okay wait no, that’s the original picture. No I’m not uploading now. Ah forget it, the drama.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. I WANTED TO BE THERE. cheap tactics bleh.haha.

  2. Listen, my blog visitors aren’t getting updated. :\
    They’re still at zerooooo, *sniff*.
    I’m positive atleeast 10 people viewed it.

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