Vora And The Something Something

Wait, no she’d prefer whatever sound the stock market rising levels make. Whoosh? I don’t know.

They began by badgering us (me, and her) unknowingly about each other. That is assuringly confunding. I didn’t know Vora, Vora didn’t know me, but our mutuals racooned off by self righteously claiming us to be the wonders of the cloning process that was first carried out in Australia to a sheep. That’s wrong. We’re apparently better than the sheep where the mind’s concerned.

No, I don’t know again where I’m actually heading towards. But Vora says things to me and almost all the time the realisation that she speaks, hits me like a much required epiphany. Because she says the things that linger at the back of my mind.

“No, I’m not noticing his amazing hair, or his sarcastic wit, and I’m so not noticing the way his shirt is fitting him…and where was I now?”

Oh Vora, you sarcastic li’l iddy.

It’s hardly been what, a month? Oh but you know me, and now we know more people through each other. And that’s the best, knowing more intellectuals still cease to exist in this  made sucky environment.
eg) Diggy, Talwar. Comprende.

What’s left is that lunch at Jalapenos and that economics based research paper that we’re going to approach together. And that internship.

Let’s start having fun, our J.P Morgan way, Vora xD

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Thank me ye, heartless bitches.

  2. I love you for this, Urmika 😀
    Mind you, Urmika, not Edgy. I still prefer you to your alter-ego because its much more interesting than the latter.

    I remember how Jinx refused to talk to me because I reminded her of you.
    I remember Vidisha told the entire Ashok Hall clan how she had found someone in Birla High who was inexplicably like me.
    I remember the clipped business tone of yours on the phone, the first time I spoke to you.
    I remember the passion underneath. I remember the not-so-subtle undertones of energy. I remember you gushing on and on about him, and cursing yourself for doing so.
    Thank you for the Romain Jerome obsession, for the endless “VORA, you know what?!”s and for the sarcasm.
    Most of all, thank you for making me want to *do* something about a lot of things.
    And the date is still on.

    • Clipped business tone?! Haha, I’m glad, I’ve actually been training for that tone 😛 And really, I say “You know what!?” alot?!
      Hell, the date’s on.

  3. You must rememeber that I am not an Intellectual.
    I am an Aantel.

    And the date is still on.

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