Chasing Pavements

During economics today, there was a whole lot of ‘kinky’ talk going on, so I just kind of dissolved into Edgy mode and began scribbling Adele’s lyrics carelessly in my notebook.

Really, should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements, even if it leads no way? Because seriously, ‘kinking’ is not something I wanna do right now, Mrs. R.

I also went around showing the book to a couple of teachers. I’m waiting for French this afternoon. I still have to revise my stuff but now that school’s properly resumed there isn’t really a lot of time. So everywhere possible, I’m using my désolés, mercis and vous voulez sortir avec moi.

Reports are DUE Edgy, what is wrong with you?!

  • Threety Irani interview
  • Mythology based issue for paper
  • Issue on London for paper, again
  • PeaceWorks report
  • And finally a meeting at The Statesman House again on the 13th.

OMG that’s this weekend. Oh crap, the Ed’s going to scream.

Jinx’s blog reminds me that I’m back to the CW too. Forget 90210, first up on the list is One Tree Hill! I cannot wait to see what’s new in the seventh season. Chad and Hilarie are gone, so that’ll be different, and upsetting to a certain extent.

Also, How I Met Your Mother airs sometime next week too. Barney, oh honey I’ve MISSED you!

And yes of course, I want to know what nouvelle things can happen while staring into the fathomless eyes of Matt Lanter. You kill me, Liam.

x EdgyShark x


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