You Are A Net Bean (Version 6.7)

It’s a little more than a bit of a disappointment that one feels when called an amateur. Oh, to hell with it. I’m still living, aren’t I? According to what I told Diggy, today was supposed to be the last day of my physical existence. But now that I come to think of it, I *really* hope my predictions aren’t as true as my gut tells me they are. (Things To Do Before I Die List coming up soon.)

Last night, I watched a South Park Bin Laden spoof on VH1. Today’s the 11th of September, isn’t it. Lives were taken years ago, today. That’s another thing I want to do, find out ‘why’.

Why is it that these terrorising blood suckers kill humanity and contaminate society? Revenge against a certain uncle Sam perhaps? Or lack of motherly love leading to such anti-social happenings?

Negative energy, definitely not ignorance.

I miss my French class. I want to go to French class. The glassy windows, that French flag, the red and blue, the atmosphere. And here I am, Informatics Practices and Java Net bean-ing.

*Peeks into the help section. Inserts codes on source window. dsftnlgkgds;lkngflgdefgae. “Ma’am look, it’s happening.” Fake grins. Get’s back to the blog* I had a dream last night, that my three year old cousin knew how to operate Java and I was at a complete loss as to which button to press on the keyboard.

Button?! *KEY!*

R, continue writing! I’m at a loss as to what to write as well! WHERE is my sarcasm and wit!? These days it only comes out when I’m speaking. I *need* inspiration!

Economics today was a drag. This new hefty looking wannabe funky woman stepped into the classroom and asked me to put up the charts for her. I obliged her by getting up from my desk and letting her take a good look of my silhouette. She smiled that stupid up-turned muscle twitching grin, and asked someone taller instead.

“Why are you here, on this cold (The A.Cs are doing a really good job these days,) boring day, sitting upright and waiting for the Economics teacher?”

Or something along those lines. And I wondered, what *was* I doing there? Studying? Obvious option. 13 years. Long time. Every single life threatening day. Whatever happens. I don’t even ‘bunk’ classes like the others. No,  I’m not a dork. I’m just making *use* of the resources lying around, trying to hit my brain in the right places and make something of myself.

If only I wrote that above paragraph in French, how happy Madame would be. (Oh, Madame, I sang Yellow by Coldplay in French yesterday. And it turned out to be awesome.)

She was so annoying, that woman. And my classmates? Giggling away at her every lame  remark. Why, oh WHY do I have to visit an institution with such immaturity and callousness and not caring attitudes walking beside me all the time?

I missed Mrs. R. It was but a waste of an Econ period. Truly spoken. She was sitting at the back and evaluating that woman dressed in midnight blue, shards of reluctance playing on her lips, not being able to express itself.

I couldv’e done well by shooting down some tequila and playing air hockey.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. i liked this …I dont know why

  2. Well of course you did. xP

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