Drunken Blues In The Kindergarten Playpen

The gig was pretty awesome. And exhausting. And that weirdo who just came in and wanted to sing Linkin Park’s In The End with us? Weird.

Already intoxicated by the Davidoff that we’d (band members) put, and having blogged from Azhar’s Macbook Pro, we were a little charged. That’s why there was that wicked lead solo emanating from Azhar’s guitar during In The End, and next to crazy drumming courtesy Amrit.

Jimmy, just because I’ve got to mention him too 🙂

The level of my exhaustion was rising slowly and gradually on my way to Sunflower after that heavy metal jam. Because then I just became all drunk.

Where the kiddies spend leisure time.

I was so whacked out, doing triple jumps from the slides and landing thud on my butt (which really, I’m probably going to get screamed at for), that all the kids there probably got a little freaked, and ran away.

My melancholy being seeks shelter in the curve of the slide

My melancholy being seeks shelter in the curve of the slide

I mean, I turned around, and I thought I’d finally gone deaf, but the screeching and whining had truly ended. For the evening, at the very least.

The grass there, was that fake plastic miniature golf area grass, so welcoming to my already lost freak self. I didn’t care anymore.

I’m not going to. I wasn’t even high. Just plain drunk. And toxic.

On air.

I miss people. I miss R not writing anything and giving me that much needed inspiration. I miss Vora(?!) I miss Baskin Robbins. Not Vora, Oodler. I miss Oodler. But why would I miss Oodler right now?

You know what?

I’ll just shut up now.

x EdgyShark x

P.S I need aspirin. Because I’m not getting drunk enough to hit a coma. (SLEEP!)

x EdgyShark x


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  1. i miss you too!!! we’ll jam sometime soon…

  2. You know the smell…It was axe – shock.Im sure of it.

  3. lol…wth was dat guy doin on stage??!!??!!….nd i sucked big tym!!..lolzz…ws all nervous!!…will nvr frgt d day…datz fr sure!!…pad nt available…practice in waitin room…20 mins prac in pad…change of songs 15 mins b4 d show…amplifier having a loose connection jus minutes b4 d show…guitar tunin droppin….mics nd guitar volumes bein increased nd decreased evry minute….nd finally bein stppd frm leavin….had evry thng in it dis day!!..:)

  4. Crazy drumming .. yea yea .. because without d [KraZZyy] factor .. feel them well ..
    And yea according to me dis gig was pretty successful because nothing more can be expected 4 practicing just about half an hour o something .. so CHEERS X guys .. !!

    [@] roXtar [@]

  5. Heart attack? Call 1066.

  6. hahaha…:))…n i agree…twas gr8 fr half n hour of practice!

  7. The next time I am in Cal, I’d hope you’ll jam for me 🙂

  8. And I am thrilled – the mention here…
    …made my day!

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