Speed-Dialing = Misconception

It probably sounds like one of the best features that man’s come up with where the cellphone’s concerned, but trust me, it doesn’t work at times.

You get into trouble. Well, not really the unmangeable kind, but then you get the drift. If your keypad isn’t locked, you just kinda might get connected to someone you just don’t want to.

My speed dials include:

  • 1 – Voice Mailbox
  • 2 – La Mère
  • 3 – Le Père
  • 4 – Olivia
  • 5 – Kinzal
  • 6 – Kev
  • 7 – Smithers

And I recently put Smithers on speed dial, because I learnt my lesson with the whole getting-jiggy-in-the-tummy episode. Because when you’re that harassed by other things torturing your mind, you tend to not remember the most vital contact numbers.

But there was one speed dial that got connected and, okay, didn’t really open up a can of worms, but cost me that extra 2% of a dollar which I would have rather spent buying ‘supari.’

Don’t use speed dials if you’re as clumsy as me, Sharky.

x EdgyShark x


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