Typical Sunday Spent Well

I woke up at my own leisurely 10:30 am time, all alone, quite comfortably. And such mornings have an excellent impact on my mood for the course of the day. They’ve cut my daily dose of Carrie Bradshaw on Zee Cafe every night (*wipes a single tiny tear away*) but they’re starting with Grey’s Anatomy. *Grins*. (Don’t smirk at me D, I know all your secrets and the amount of love you have for chick-things. And I spent last night watching Pulp Fiction, FYI.) ¤

But somehow despite that, today’s Jalapeños date with Vora was very like the Sarah JP and Cynthia Nixon kind of a lunch meeting. Sure, we should do it more often. We’ve got Econ research papers to work on now, anyway.

After which we exchanged pleasantries in Barista Crème. Good times.

And of course, my Sunday isn’t a Sunday if I don’t visit my Barista. So off I was to Southern Avenue, (it’s actually Lansdowne) to let my thoughts flow onto paper.

Yes Sharkians, I’ve decided to write a book. Anyway, I haven’t begun yet. But I did spend time working on my reports, and on my Things To Do Before I Die List.

I'm going to *make* the cookie crumble.

There was this really annoying tard there with her guy who seemed to be having some kind of an issue sitting there on the table next to me. Talking loud, showing off for the heck of it, yeah those kinds. And frankly, her man was a little too annoyed and ashamed of her mediocrity and loud-mouthedness.

I was sitting there quietly submerged in my own thoughts, viewing “Things To Try Before You Die” on Travel & Living and she kept making a face at me and called Barista Boy to try and make him change the channel to something ‘a little more interesting *please*.’

“Oh honey.” I felt like telling her with a leer that could have might as well been used to imply fake-ness or a rip-off of something else. Barista Boy looked at me and went back to her, “I’m sorry ma’am. That can’t happen.”

“Tic-tacs please, love.” I told him. Completely the Naomi way.

I love myself.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Will the book have mush? Like PD or Pixie kindish?

  2. Hmmm. I still had hopes. Anyway, 10 days left 😀 !

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