Synovial Fluid’s My Current Nightmare

I watched Frank Miller’s Sin City last night. Which was really good. Elijah Wood’s done a great job. The beginning was great, Bruce Willis and Nancy. “The old man dies, the little girl lives.. Fair trade.” I loved the sense of direction, and the black and red. In between the commercials, I threw in bits of True Blood, (substituted for Friends), which by the way, is now turning out to be whole ounce spoons of balderdash. (TB, I mean.)

I wasn’t getting any sleep. Maybe I didn’t want to sleep. But then my knee began giving me tremendous amounts of surging hurt, so that made my eyes stare wide open into the blankness of the night, even more.

Nightmares followed. Lame ones, influenced by TB perhaps. And towards the early, un-me hours of dusk, visions. Again, nothing consequential like me being told to save Olympus and the Greeks. Very bourgeouisie.

Which sucks, really.

I’m still going to attend French and Accounts today. And then that French play in the evening, “La Cage” produced by Alliance Française and Night Fog.

I’m so mad at the school’s L-A-M-E coordinator. But no time for that now, got to visit yet another doctor mad-hatter. So that post’s coming up, because I anyway hate school.

At least today wasn’t like the earlier time where I just got out of bed and wasn’t able to keep my feet on the ground. Everytime I tried, I’d just fall.

And that was just scary. So.

x EdgyShark x

P.S. I’m a Shark, we shouldn’t be having legs.


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