Yes I Wear Black ..

.. No I’m not a Goth.

Maybe I am. So what? Who is a Goth? Isn’t that almost like asking “Is that thing parked over there a car?” (Maybe it isn’t, maybe it’s a rocketship, but let’s just give them the benefit of doubt.) But it’s almost comic, because you know a Goth when you see one. Just like you’re not going to walk up to a cat and poke it till it exhibits to you it’s claws and threatens to use them.

And listen, cats hate you and everyone else.

And listen, cats hate you and everyone else.

And all that trouble, just to prove that it’s a cat. What a waste of time. I absolutely, positively hate cats.

No, I’m not sure why I’m writing this. But inspiration? Because

  • I wanted to write something.
  • I chanced upon SG’s status update on my news feed. And she’s a really good friend of mine. And I kind of hate it when people create pre-conceived notions. And I’ve heard tons about her.

Maybe because, well, she’s hot. So that makes her be all snobby? No freaks, try going up to the person and making three fold contact. An erroneous delusion, might I point out.

We're staring. *Eeevil laugh*

We (The Kappas, and a post is coming up soon,) like the darker side of things. We like seeing into things through the fourth dimension.

So we’re all Goths in our own little ways? But why clamp their style and take up space even though we’re not even their kin?

So what?

Stereotypes are devices for saving a biased person the trouble of learning.

And since I’ve taken up a certain example, let me just break some of your views:


  • Don’t always wear black.
  • Don’t worship Satan.
  • Are NOT evil.
  • Do not want to kill people.
  • Are not always depressed.
  • Are usually nice. Unless deterred. (Alas of course, that’s human nature.)
  • Are ‘normal.’

Didn’t I just brand you a ‘freak’? And you perhaps used it for someone else too. See now, that’s what happens when you can’t accept anything new.

If thinking outside the box makes me a Goth, then so be it. Sure, I don’t use black lip markers, but what the hell. Intelligent and creative too.

Tokyo pop, if you must.

Tokyo pop, if you must.

But if you’re seriously thinking of converting now (because all I was trying to tell you was to not judge things with a single unprotected vision), just lay off the vampire comments. Because you might think you’re being funny, but satire’s hard to pass.

And you’re probably going to be sleeping alone tonight.

Preeeeen. Come on, look closer.

x EdgyShark x

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  1. ok now THAT was one blog i liked, or bttr still LOVED!
    m goth too!
    everybody i know is a goth!

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