The Things I Discovered Today #1

You know how it goes, you know.

  1. Debby screeches, even in the morning. No, you don’t want to sleep with her. She said, “Did I kick you guys at night? No? Thank goodness!” To which I reluctantly responded, “Shut up.” But she went on and on about her being a Virgo, and thus being all chirpy and amiable. Which really doesn’t work for me. Not when I slept at 6am and then get woken up at 9.
  2. The word, ‘Nehakins‘.
  3. That Linkin Park, The Jonas Brothers and Kelly Clarkson aren’t really choices of cds you wanna get stuck with in a nice car.

    What else did you expect it to do?

  4. The walk from Juvie’s place to my French class takes 20 lasting minutes. And it shouldn’t be attempted wearing a full sleeved hoodie in the middle of the afternoon.
  5. When you carry a wallet, make sure there’s change in it. Cab drivers don’t accept 500 rupee notes. (Thus, the above point.)
  6. Prithwiraj lived more than half his life in Nigeria. And he’s kickass at French and gets me stuck on my sentences and then makes Rita laugh at me. Le freak.
  7. It’s not easy to get D to go from lonely to not so lonely.
  8. Depreciation. And how to ignore the stalker.
  9. And also a quick fox trot, which helps to get away from the stalker.

    Yours truly is known for exactly this

    Yours truly is known for exactly this

  10. Mouth ulcers are a terrible, terrible thing to chance upon. Drink lots of fluids.
  11. That I couldv’e easily hopped onto the train when Viral asked me to, yesterday. Because today when I walked, I felt like I was doing the Tumling trek on the mountains.
  12. I have to work/earn this vacation.
  13. I have to submit awesome-ish projects by the end of the four week long paradisical holiday.
  14. The ‘Tag Your Friends’ photos on Facebook are the most annoying things ever. People tag you in a hundred photos and then you have to sit and untag each one of them.



  15. I think I should just stop thinking and go ahead with ‘Operation: BoC’ (book on Calcutta). Starting step #1: Procure map of the city from Neha.
  16. I don’t really know alot about Calcutta. That’s what I realised in French today. And that will probably give the Operation a much needed, interesting take on things.
  17. The Y-chromosome sucks.
  18. Seoul does a very good Joey’s “How You Doing?”. Yes, I would know, because he tried it on me today. And I laughed to myself, because duh, I know the secret behind that. But then he lit a cigarette, which totally put me off.
  19. P.S> Jinx, he’s that cute chink.
  20. Facebook now enables you to tag people on your status updates. I wish I could do that here on the blog. Instead, I have to paste it on to people’s walls and force-feed them to read.
  21. You are diligent readers, aren’t you?!
  22. I have to soon do a post for Starr. Otherwise she’s going to hit me. But then she’s going away to London. You better get me something, otherwise NO mush-post.

    I think its clear which craptop Ill be getting :D

    I think it's clear which craptop I'll be getting 😀

  23. I realised I don’t really know adequate French to write a decent poem, i.e. “La Nuit Rouge.” So that will happen, in, let’s see. Give it a couple of months. Let me get better than Prithwiraj. 😀
  24. 3500+ whammies on the blog. Which is awesome, you guys 🙂
  25. One Tree Hill‘s BEGUN!
The lasts always the best. You dont have to bother, you know me.

The last's always the best. You don't have to bother, you know me.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. you had to mention the second one, didnt u?

  2. Haha @ number 17!

  3. What’s it with the whole world talking about Cullen? I think it sucked. The role, the character, the movie, everything.

    Anyway, since I am reading on my MacBook, I am glad about the other note here. 10 per cent smart users, is all I am going to say.

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