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Far-out extraordinaire.

No, my day wasn’t all that mystifying. Waking up late, giggling and getting all dramatic on the phone with Vora, getting my OTH torrents into place, and discovering new artists on the rise. And then it began to pick up a little bit, but really, not as much as I’d want it to.

À Bout De Souffle was pretty interesting, a French film from the early ’60s, directed in the New Wave. What’s really alluring about that was that you don’t get to view such engaging light cinematography anymore, especially in B&W. Not to forget how vintage Jean Seberg looks. Now there’s pretty and there’s funky. She’s both in the French-American journaliste kind of way. Love the ray bans (Stallion has hot ray-bans!), the Cadillac, and the hair.

Jean Seberg et Jean-Paul Belomondo dans À Bout De Souffle

Jean Seberg et Jean-Paul Belomondo dans À Bout De Souffle

More or less, the same French people (and Indian Francophones) that had gone to watch La Cage earlier, were there at the screening today. And I think I’m going to make it a monthly affair, because our director, Monsier Martinez was there, and said so.

Always an enthralling man, he.

What I liked, was Jean-Paul Belmondo’s outright acting vehicle. Because it was really good and clean. And pure. Before the movie began, Prithwiraj, Palak, and I were discussing French actors, and the only name that we knew, was Audrey Tatou. “Oh her! Prithwiraj is going to get married to Audrey Tatou soon.” I said firmly, to Palak and Mr Arizona (Prashant, from class again, who’s from AZ-half German, and still lives-breathes-dreams of his home in Arizona, Phoenix. And the other day when he was absent, everyone actually thought that he was so home-sick that he’d left Calcutta for good.)

“What?! NO!” Prithwiraj rebuked. “She’s like, my mother’s age!” To which I provided a prompt ‘Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher much?’ look.

The French have HAWT pixie hair cuts.

I know shes Katie Holmes and that shes not French. Look at Seberg above.

I know she's Katie Holmes and that she's not French. Look at Seberg above.

And then he tried to mingle with Sophie Lasnier, from Sciences Po, France (which at one point had been the place I’d wanted to go to, to study political science and economics. And it’s Sarkozy’s alma mater too,) who sends us e-mails about these screenings and plays and things like that.

I wish there’s a band thing soon in Alliance Française soon. Then I can sing and play French music.

Coming to music, there’s something strange and beautiful (#2 strange and beautiful thing today, #1 being Jean-Luc Goddard’s brainchild above,) Bilal Khan’s Bachana is something that’s going to put you in a peace trance. I’d know, because I’m mesmerized by the lightness of the music he’s been creating.

Main dooob raha, dooooob raha, mujhe bachana.

Main dooob raha, dooooob raha, mujhe bachana.

Catch him on youtube. Or his song’s going to be on my boxnet.sharing widget on the sidebar in some twenty minutes from now. And if you’re already on youtube, the version I actually liked better is his live one at LUMS, 4:45 am during the night out.

No criticism today, because something made me realise (strange and beautiful thing #3) that it’s something that might make you laugh, but for the wrong reasons. And until I find the right reason to criticise, maybe the reason why they made such a big deal about Tharoor’s tweet (leave him ALONE! He can have his own opinion about whatever the hell he wants!), this epiphany stands.

You go Tharoor! :D

You go Tharoor! Tell it like it is.

Sambit, you were a comic relief as usual on MTV Rock On! and you’re the only reason why I’m subjecting myself to watching MTV. I still recall that time you’d called and were all skeptic about going to the auditions in Calcutta because it probably meant missing vital classes. And we both knew you had to go for that anyway. And if nothing works out, like I keep pressuring you to, you’ve GOT to GOT to GOT to go to Berkeley. And you’ll easily get accepted. Also, I’m full of envy right now because you’re attending Dream Theatre’s concert in a couple of weeks from now. You lucky thing, you. *Grin*



And now, since I really can’t remember the other things I wanted to tell you, Sharkians, I’m going to go drown in some music, and marketing strategies. I need decent (like more than awesome) topics for my projects. I’ve got to begin now, because it already seems like there’s too little time.


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  1. Among many things French, I like that one. Bingo about cinematography. I am looking for more French stuff.

    Tharoor rocks. Poor man, he had to even draft out a ‘sorry’. And people like Gehlot wanted him to resign… this country really needs more sensible people.

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