Brass Rat Rings

Vora told me about these yesterday. Recall: Giggling on phone. Alright, not giggle, that’s like an insult to us econ-lovaahs.

And as far as I’m aware, Robert Downey Jr carries it off (and has been doing so since forever more) much like The Statue of Liberty carries off Staten Island. No Vora, I’m not going to copy this off your Things To Do Before I Die List because dating an MIT  guy and snatching his Brass Rat Ring in the process is your thing. And it’s the most innovative thing as far as commitment, for the sake of it, is concerned.



And yes, I wish you all the luck and very best in all your endeavours. But no, I can’t bring to you an MIT dude. I’m sure, you’re quite capable of doing that on your own.

Math-physics oriented men don’t cut it for me. There’s way too much scientific knowledge invloved, and very less creativity and innovation.

And also, there is the possibility of a heated argument which includes boolean variables and calculus. And all I’m going to be able to supply to my end of the rebuttal would include: “Ummm, I’m going to Barista to write my book. I’ll see you, maybe next year.”

And then run away.

More on this later, my lunch awaits me now. No Barista today, which would be like a broken record. Going to Tolly Club in the evening instead, after probably a decade.

Here’s hoping I’ll be satiated by the end of the evening.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Techies don’t have to be all boring, you know. There’s always the few odd sheep that are fun!
    I’m a techie!
    (That does not prove that I’m fun, though!)
    Nice post.

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