The Purple Flash That Rules The Skies

It was raining today. The lightning glowered up the morning sky, which was trying it’s best to partially emerge out of the black mass of clouds and torrential fall of the fresh water droplets.

It thundered at unusual intervals. Something to do with physics, my mind mildly raced back to the ninth grade text where they explained thunder claps and the reasons for their occurences. But at that point, the thunder appealed to my senses. I didn’t want to know why, I was just happy knowing it was happening.

Earthquake tremors were apparently felt again. As lightly as it may be, it’s all because the environment’s backfiring our wrong doings onto us.

I always find reasons to splurge on shoes. And the weather being so pleasant, breezy and then BOOM! wet, (uhh) I pounced on the opportunity to purchase wellingtons.

All the time in the store I was trying it, tucking my jeans into the boots and admiring the rich color in the mirror, and that one song was stuck in my head, “These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days, with these boots, I’m gonna walk all over you.”

And then I smirked, because it felt pretty much apt to do so.

Traipsing with a Greenday shirt, midnight hued jeans and my boots, I want to run around in a green golf field that’s experiencing heavy lashes of rain. I want to get wet, and let the water seep right down to my soul.

Live, and get lost at the same time.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. GREENDAY???

    No. That’s. Not. Allowed.

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