The Bucket List And Lack Of Clothing

Is a movie as well. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. And as much as I have this weird aversion towards black people, (I’m *not* racist) I really tried to watch.

My philosophy professor, freshman year, told us to make a list of things we’d like to achieve, before we ‘kick the bucket.’ I wrote, I wanna earn a million dollars. But now, since I know I have six months to live and that’s not happening, it’s time to re-write things.

Witness Something Truly Majestic. Like what?

My Bucket List is comign up soon enough, in instalments of course. But before that, a little incident on my shopping non-spending expedition.

Most of these places, not the commercial Shoppers’ Stop and what not, the other non-conventional hide outs with export stuff from Bangkok and other cheaper countries have sales people made of ounces of jellybeans that help them act smart and give them the wrong notion that they know more.

So there’s this Chink lady. The complete works, eyes barely a centimetre apart, threaded eyebrows, Prada imitation sunglasses, lean figure, clingy clothes. And an attitude that’ll send the roadrunner running a mile from the Grand Canyon.

“Can you show me some clothes my size please?” I ask. “Whatever’s around, have a look.” Completely disinterested and rude. And only because I don’t have those same eyes, or lean size 2 figure.

I’ve noticed, these people just walk out on you and otherwise scrutinize your ass to see if you’d fit in those barbie sized jeans. I recall my mother saying, “Can we walk out of here?! Looks like they have clothes for whores.”

I wish I had a direct pass to Clothes Over Bros. I can just imagine myself and Tim Gunn prancing around on Fifth Avenue, bags in hands, having a wonderful eloquent conversation.

So which basically brings me to a vital synonymous part of my Bucket List. Make my brand Zilvek © happen, and happen fast.

Oh the power of my imagination.

x EdgyShark x


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  1. Wow, and to think I was just speaking to Vora on this.

  2. It is a very very random movie. I wonder why these two chose to do it. :-/

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